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 +Lords are anyone who owns a castle and rules over at least 100 square miles of land.  Out in the Wilderness they are beholden to no one and receive the full fruit of their lands. ​ In the Realm, they must receive their land from a Duke or Prince and pay him 25% of his tax revenue. ​ If a lordship in The Realm lasts for 3 generations of one family, the lord can petition for promotion to Baron. ​ Barons only pay 15% of their income to the Duke or Prince, they also have honor precedence over lords.  ​
 +In addition to paying tax revenue to their overlords, the lords and barons are expected to provide troops for 2 months’ service per year.  At a minimum, they must provide 5 knights, their squires and mounts, and 15 foot soldiers or lighter cavalry, but the exact military obligation varies and is established when the fee first granted.
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