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 +**HENCHMEN:​** ​ henchmen are npc’s with a regular class and level. ​ Usually they are level 1 to begin with, but some might be higher. ​ Henchmen are called Followers in the Blueholme rulebook. ​
 +  ​
 +**To recruit henchmen**, one must go to a town or city and spend a week posting notices and spreading the word.   For each 50gp spent on the recruitment drive per week 1d6 potential henchmen will arrive. ​  There is a maximum of 1d6 per 1000 people in any town or city’s population during any one week.  The party member with the highest Charisma attempts to hire first and must roll his CHA or less on a d20 to succeed. A character is limited to a number of henchmen indicated by his Charisma (henchmen==followers listed on page 5) at any one time. 
 +**Henchmen terms:** a henchman will come with minimal equipment (usually leather armor, 1 hand weapon, backpack, maybe a shield, and lockpicks or wooden holy symbol and/or spell book as required by class). ​ He expects to receive maintenance (25gp per level per month) and expects gifts of equipment and shares of his liege’s treasure take when on adventures. He will serve until he is denied any of these things or until he reaches equal or higher level than the liege, where he will leave service (but perhaps remain friend and ally).
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