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 +=====Knock Down and Pin=====
 +KNOCK DOWN AND PIN:  a combatant using a heavy weapon or a shield can give up his regular attack in order to make a knock-down instead. ​  The target must be roughly the same size or smaller than the attacker. ​ The attacker rolls a normal attack roll, needing to hit AC 6, and then makes an opposed STR roll with the target. ​  If the attacker wins, no damage is scored but the target is knocked prone and must make a Constitution check or be stunned and lose the next move phase. ​  He must spend an entire movement phase getting back up and cannot make free attacks against those who move away from him that phase. ​ If a target is prone an adjacent enemy who has not yet attacked can attempt to pin him with an opposed strength check. ​  Once pinned, he can attempt to escape on each subsequent attack phase, suffering a cumulative -3 to his strength score each round until he reaches 0 strength and gives up.
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