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 +A powerful band of berserkers invaded the Great Vale during the last generation. ​  They captured an old castle, which had been occupied by hobgoblins and set about forming a domain. ​   The Jarl of Rathburg is named Forgoth, and he has recently succeeded to the throne with the death of his father Radmund, the founder of the land.
 +Military: From this jarldom of 5000 people, Forgoth commands 50 huscarls (heavily armed infantry of at least level 2 who each have a farm nearby, but spend most of their time at the burg), 200 ordinary berserkers (first level berserker fighters with their own farms). The jarldom can muster an additional 1000 peasant militia, most of whom are tolerably well armed (leather, shield, spear).
 +Several of the huscarls are said to be were-bears.
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