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 =====CASTLE ZINGIS===== =====CASTLE ZINGIS=====
-Inside the walls of this castle is a temple to the goddess Hecate.+Inside the walls of this castle is a temple to the goddess Hecate ​and the castle is ruled by the High Priestess ​ Zaranga Zingis, a 6th level Cleric-Magic User, known as the Witch-Lady of the Wasteland. 
 +**Military**:​ From this barony of 5000 people, The Witch Lady commands 25 Witch Riders (fighter-magic-users) and 25 vassal knights with their own manors, 200 soldiers (100 of which are full-time retainers or mercenaries,​ 100 of which are vassals who serve 2 months a year in exchange for a farm). The barony can muster an additional 1000 peasant militia, most of whom are armed with shield, sling and spear.  
 +It is rumored that the witch-goddess Hecate makes lesser demons available to Zaranga for services. 
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