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Galliard is on a quest from his homeland of Asclings to make a name for himself. He has all sorts of crazy mixed-up schemes which he hopes will make him money. He has done it all, from shoveling manure to (unsuccessfully) commanding a small garrison. Unfortunately, every job that Galliard can do he feels that he is beneath, and every job he feels worth of he proves inept at. His current scheme is to pick some quills from a talking, bipedal porcupine that he has seen in order to write the ultimate sonnet. In his spare time, Galliard makes a megar living in Weston playing his flute on the streets, telling fortunes in barrooms, or running shell games.

Galliard is the second son of free men from Asclings. He has no rank or title. He can pretty much do as he pleases, but he is flat broke and living hand-to-mouth.

During the heroes attack on the Army of the Black Plague, Galliard was killed. Later he was reincarnated as an elf. Galliard then decided that adventuring with the party was much too dangerous, and decided to return to his homeland of Asclings.

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