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After meeting the group, K'lief went to Whitefire to ask if he would like him to assist in restoring his castle and financial situation. In exchange for the work, Whitefire would create Boots of Striding and Springing as well as a ring of free action. They arranged a deal and K'lief went off to hire himself out as a guard for caravans and the like. He was also taking city folks out on tours of the "WILD AND DANGEROUS" woodlands. Several years passed and K'lief was really enjoying the break from dungeons and cities, he was at home and truly happy.

He almost forgot about his sister and what was done to her, until one day he was taking a caravan through a perilous part of Old Wood, was halted by a mysterious woman who vaguely resembled his long lost sister. She demanded that this passage was no longer viable for caravans to pass. K'lief insisted that she let them pass as this, although not a hard traveled road, it was nonetheless, a trade route. She would not yield. K'lief was, to say the least puzzled, she looked simple, definitely a druid, but there was something more. He asked her for her name and she replied Tozi Sjorinth.

He couldn't believe his ears, who was this person? He knew he had a sister, but it looks as though he might have another sister as well. He identified himself; she laughed a little and said she knows, she has been 'watching' him for the past few years guiding traders and tourists. He still insisted that he is allowed to complete his duty to the caravan, but now she truly opened up and said that there was a horde of hill giants around the 4th bend. They mentioned vague references to their relatives that lost their lives in service to a coward. Since then, they have been pillaging and plundering all who have tried to travel this road, taking what they wished and eating the corpses.

K'lief explained this to the caravan and they understood that it wasn't the wisest decision to force their way past definitely dangerous giants. Tozi explained that there were at least 13 giants there and it looked as though they were setting up some sort of base of operations. The caravan requested that they be taken a different way; K'lief obliged and asked Tozi if she would like to join him, as he had some folks he would like her to meet. They proceeded to take the caravan a much longer way to the destination, but definitely a safer one. Tozi and K'lief talked endlessly, telling each other what they were up to and why Tozi had been hidden from K'lief for so long. It seemed as though they were fraternal twins, an oddity in elven culture and due to the times they were born in, there was a chance they would both be killed outright if they found out about the true nature of their birth. Tozi was sent off to be raised with relatives and K'lief lived as he was the younger brother of an amazing druid in the making.

Tozi further explained that she is not a true druid, as she spent some of her studies at a monastery and enjoyed the solitude and the teachings. She was encouraged to study with the monks and in time developed some monk skills, which she knew would only improve her druidic capabilities. In time they went back with a small militia and drove the Hill Giants out and back into the Melvic Wilds from whence they came. Tozi and K'lief bonded together, and vowed revenge upon those who desecrated their sister and loyalty to those who defended her.

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