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Sir Ostler Bryne, Cleric of Bor

Born to a middle class family. His mother died when he was young and his domineering father, who worked as a scrivener for the Royal Court, raised him. Ostler learned his fatherís trade but always yearned for a more adventuresome life. Joining the Church of Bor was the best choice for him. It allowed him to be independent and adventuresome while still maintaining his fatherís approval.

Ostler is tall and lanky. He is quiet and reserved but prone to rash actions. The Church knighted him for his actions against the Feaster cultists and their undead and druidic minions that infested the Blacksword area.

When not involved in foiling some fiendish Feaster plot or purging the forests of Druidic perversions, Ostler spends his free time brewing potions or scribing scrolls.

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