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 +**B-II The Badlands**
 +This is an open, lawless zone, ravaged by the wars between Dengwur, Portchester and the Old Ones.  The largest settlement is Bastardville (Class V), a mean, decadent village that serves the needs of a large gang of bandits led by a fierce outlaw named Lucius Bastardo. ​ Bastardo has troops of cavalry, infantry and even some griffon-riders who loot the lands about and extort the caravans that travel from Orchester to Portchester. ​  The river-island nearby once contained the provincial capital, Noviodunum, but is now called the Island of the Dead and is filled with undead monsters. ​  There are several small settlements and fortresses, some like Hod, Squatter'​s Corners, and Boscovania are full of colonists, exiles and outlaws from Portchester,​ others like The Doom Troopers, The Grand Temple of 1000 Demons, and the Warlock Keep are part of Dengwur'​s empire, and still others like Rageburg and Therkish outposts are settlements of barbarian outsiders. ​  The forest villages of Volen and Noton are elf hamlets, owing allegiance to the Queen of Elfwood.
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