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-Feggenbel of Tower Graf 
-When the wizard Graf was slain by assasins 5 years ago, his tower in the northern Badlands was reoccupied by Feggenbel, a wizard or uncertain origins. ​  Many inhabitants of the southern shires of Portchester blame Feggenbel and his dungeons for the increase of monster attacks. 
-Feggenbel is actually very friendly to visitors and travelers. ​  He will never say much about himself, other than he is a simple and humble quester after knowledge. ​  He often invites adventurers to raid the dungeon complex near his tower; the deal being that the adventurers can keep the treasure, if they deliver him monsters parts of his experiments. 
-He is tall, beefy and brown-haired (thus of Ardean ancestry) and wears a full beard and mustache. ​ He typically wears a green robe and broad-brimmed green hat.  ​ 
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