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 +The humans of the earth are divided into 5 major groups or races: ​ the Northrons, the Westerlings,​ the Easterlings,​ the Southrons, and the Centrales (who have more recently become known as the Ardeans, after the capital of their great empire). ​ Each of these groups had its own distinct language, but in the Gatavia area,  the chaos of the last few centuries has spawned a new language called the Common Speech, which is a mixture of Ardean, Northron and Westerling. ​ A speaker of the Common Speech can understand about half of what is said in these other three languages. ​ The chief means of telling different races apart is by their hair.  Northrons have blond hair, Westerlings red,  Ardeans brown, ​ Easterlings straight-black,​ and Southrons curly-black. ​  ​Unlike some worlds skin tone is entirely based on climate, so a person who spends his life in the far north will be fair-skinned,​ but if he moves to the hot south, in a few years he will be dark skinned until such time he returns north.  ​
 +Currently, there are few Southrons in the province. ​ The city-state of Orchester is mostly Ardean in ancestry, except for a portion of the noble and soldiery class who are of Northron ancestry. ​ The humans of the Kingdom of Portchester are about evenly divided between Northron, Ardean and Westerlings. ​ The Caturiges tribe and their Savage cousins are traditional Westerlings in blood and culture. ​ The Therkish nomads and most of the humans of Dengwur'​s empire are Easterlings. ​ The trade-station of Cavano in the south east is also manned by Easterlings. ​ It is common for Northron sea-raiders and merchants to appear along the seacoast and for bands of Northron and Easterling raiders to harass the eastern part of the province by land.
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