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 +**Province:​** a standard mapping province is a territory 200 miles by 200 miles, (about 90% the size of Pennsylvania,​ 80% of England, 20% of France, three times the size of Denmark). ​ Gatavia, schemed above is a province.
 +**Region:** each province is divided into 16 regions (4x4) each of which is 50 miles by 50 miles or 2500 square miles (about the size of Delaware, or twice the county of Kent in England, or just under three times the size of York County, Pennsylvania). Each of the blocks in the scheme map above is a region.
 +District: each region is divided into 25 districts (5x5) each of which is 10 miles x 10 miles or 100 square miles (About the 1/9 the size of York County, or 4 times the size of York Township).
 +The 16 regions of the province are numbered as follows: the columns are captial Letters, A (leftmost),​B,​ C, and D (rightmost). ​ The Rows are Roman Numerals I (top), II, III, IV (bottom).
 +A single 6 mile ACKS hex is 1/3 of a District.
 +A single 24-mile hex is 5 districts (or 1/5 of a region).
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