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 +Elves are lithe, fair humanoids who originally came from the Spirit World. ​ There are three sorts of elves to be found in the campaign: ​ Light Elves, Forest Elves, ​ and Barrow Elves.
 +__The Light Elves__ dwell primarily in the Spirit World and are the confidants of the pagan gods, often found in their company. ​ They will always be neutral in alignment. ​  Light Elves can cast Light Spells at will and can turn Invisible (as the spell) once per day.  While they usually dwell in the Spirit World, they can pass to and from the Physical World once per day during the hour of Sunrise or Sunset. ​     They are sometimes encountered in holy groves, sacred lakes and holy pagan shrines in the Physical World. ​  Most Light Elves encountered will be spell-swords of levels 4-7 (1d4+3), but they could be of any elvish class. ​  Only NPC's may be Light Elves. ​
 +__The Barrow Elves__: ​ this clan of elves long ago joined with the powers of Chaos, and every member of the race are Chaotic. ​  They appear as albino elves, usually dressed in black. ​ They must spend all of the daylight hours beneath the ground, or they suffer incredible pain (-2 to all rolls and morale). ​  They can cast Darkness spells at will and can turn invisible (as the spell) once per day.  They have dark-vision so uncanny that they can see right through any sort of darkness spell or other darkness magic. ​ So chaotic are they, Barrow Elves suffer damage from holy water as if it were flaming oil.    Most Barrow Elves encountered will be spell-swords of level 1-6, and only NPC's may be Barrow Elves.
 +__The Forest Elves__: ​ all PC elves are members of the Forest Elf branch. ​  These are the normal elves described in the rule-books. ​ While they live entirely in the Physical World, Forest Elves are still acquainted and on good terms with the Light Elves, but neither sort tolerates the presence of Barrow elves. ​ Most Forest Elves are neutral in alignment and they'​ve never had good relations with the Lawful Church. ​  Some of them do occasionally convert to Law, and the elves will sometimes aid the forces of Law against the dangers of Chaos.  ​
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