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 +**The Order of Shadow**
 +__History:​__ ​ this is a world-wide body of mages who have an abiding interest in illusion. ​ Most illusion magic has enter the arcane world through their efforts. ​ It is unknown how long the group has existed or if they have some secret agenda. ​ The current local head of the order is Nigel Mysterio of Portchester.
 +__Requirements:​__ to join, a mage must either have the Collegiate Wizardry (Shadow) proficiency or must have the Illusion Resistance Proficiency. ​ Once in the order, he is expected to pay 5% of his income yearly to the order as dues.  He also may be required once a year to do some favor for the order.
 +__Benefits:​__ ​ members have access to the secret libraries of the Order, one of which is in Portchester. ​ Also, once per year any member may call on the Order to do him a favor. ​ At third level, the order will teach any member the Phantasmal Force spell, and expect him to make that the first in his 2nd level repertoire. ​ If a member loses his spell book for some reason, the order will provide him, for free, any first, second and/or third level illusion spells he desires.
 +__Garb:​__ ​ At formal meetings, each member is expected to wear a multi-colored robe (at least one color per experience level) with a black hooded cloak over-top.
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