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 +**The Order of Silver Stars**
 +__History:​__ This order was founded at the fall of the Ardean Empire as an attempt to preserve the magical knowledge of the Empire and to use it to support the cause of Law.   There is a lodge of the order near to every major cathedral in the North and West. 
 +__Requirements:​__ ​ a mage must be Lawful in alignment, take the Collegiate Wizardry (Silver Stars) Proficiency and pay 10% of his yearly income to the order in dues.  He must always help a fellow member or lawful clergy in trouble, or face expulsion. ​ He may never teach magical knowledge to a neutral or chaotic magician or face severe punishment.
 +__Benefits:​__ ​ All members have access to free lodging and the use of Order Libraries at all the lodges of the order. ​ They also receive a 10% discount to magical supplies and apparatus (as deemed fit by the judge). ​ They also have an excellent relationship with the lawful church, and can expect discounts there on occasion. ​  
 +__Garb:​__ ​ Unless on a stealthy mission, all members are expected to wear a blue robe with at least one silver start embroidered on it.
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