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 +**The School of Mulfando**
 +__History:​__ This order was founded 110 years ago in Orchester as a for-profit school of wizardty by the mage Mulfando. ​ It has operated successfully ever since. ​
 +__Requirements:​__ to join, a mage must have the Collegiate Wizardry (Mulfando) proficiency and is assumed to have learned his craft at the school. ​ He begins play with 1000gp in student loan debt (10% interest, compounded yearly). ​ Students all take an oath to spare the life of any fellow graduate who asks for mercy.
 +__Benefits:​__ ​ members have access to the libraries of the school, which is located in the city of Orchester. ​ Once per year, he can ask the faculty a question (as sage advice) without charge.
 +__Garb:​__ ​ The student robe is gray with a black lightning bolt, and sometimes graduates continue to wear the same robe.
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