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Baldgarth At War

In 1163 of the Fourth Saeculum, Baldgarth was on the brink of world war. This is that campaign.


Located in what is 1325 Halia, the early Ardean empire along with warrior-chiefs of the Northrons and the oppressed Easterlings fought to throw off the yoke of the Old Ones and the tyrrany of the Mage-kings.


Maybe we start just by asking who wants to play what?

  • Undead armies, commanded by Necromancers
  • Orc and Goblin armies commanded by Warlocks
  • Old One and Neanderthal armies
  • Ardean Centurions
  • Northron Raiders
  • Westerling Guerillas

Alternate/NPC/Neutral groups might include:

  • Dwarven Holds
  • Elven Woodlands
  • Easterling Horseclans
  • Southron Slave-Legion Mercenaries
  • Dark Elven Barrows

Perhaps these groups might be able to provide special/unique units to the fight

Resources might include:

  • Territory - Westerling Serfs/Slaves attached to the land
  • Wealth/Gold
  • Trade Routes
  • Magic/Technology
  • Alliances (the Northrons don't necessarily like the Ardeans, and the Old Ones only tolerate the Necromancers and Warlocks)

What is at stake?

The fighting would go on for almost 15 years before the factions started to run out of resources to spend on the conflict. If one of the main factions were to lose their capitol, or a time limit is reached the campaign is over.

What rules should we use?

Since the campaign will stretch over a huge section of land and time, there should be multiple ways to determine the victors of each important battle. Here are some suggestions.

Large Scale

My take is that we use a quick mechanic for some of the large-scale non-important conflicts. Perhaps a single die roll for each unit attacking/defending not unlike Axis and Allies.

Miniatures Scale

I say we use the newest rules available through ACKS mass combat, or use one of the other DND-friendly mass combat systems out there like Battlesystem or An Echo Resounding.

Source Material:

Lord and Master: an old play-by-mail game: Lord and Master

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