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-{{ :​world_map.jpg |}} 
-**1—Jotunheim**: ​ land of giants and frost 
-**2—Drakkhar:​** ​ Northron kingdom, original home of Northrons 
-**3—Trollheim:​** ​ fallen Northron kingdom, land of trolls 
-**4—Frost Island:​** ​ isolated island, scouted by Northron sailors. 
-**5—Drell:​** Bare, rocky kindgom of the Neanderthals 
-**6—The Great Eastern Plains**: ​ home of countless Easterling Nomads 
-**7—Aster:​** ​ Westerling Island, heart of the Druid cult on earth, original homeland of Westerlings 
-**8—Ulban:​** ​ Westerling Island, once an Ardean province, now battleground between Westerling natives and Northron Invaders 
-**9—The Haunted Islands:​** ​ a series of mysterious islands filled with danger, magic and treasure? 
-**10—Seamark:​** ​ a kingdom of sea-faring Northrons. 
-**11—Rucconia:​** ​ a heavily forested kingdom of Easterlings who have given up nomadism. 
-**12—Hallia:​** originally a Westerling region, but conquered by Ardeans centuries ago.  Now it is a shattered, disordered land of independent provinces and regions. ​ The Old Ones have several city-states across the land. 
-**13—Gautland:​** ​ confederation of forest-dwelling Northron tribes. 
-**14—Ost-Gaut:​** ​ second confederation of forest and mountain Northron tribes. 
-**15—Bastarnae:​** ​ series of petty chiefdoms of a mixed Northron-Easterling tribes 
-**16—Hiron:​** ​ remote and misty magical island, Westerling and Elvish population. 
-**17—Vesperos:​** once an Ardean province, now a weak kingdom ruled by a Northron dynasty. ​ Nobility are of Northron descent, but Ardean is the language of all population. 
-**18—Aetia:​** once a key Ardean mainland province, now an independent Ardean kingdom. 
-**19—Roricon:​** ​ mountainous collection of petty fiefdoms and towns, Ardean in language and culture. 
-**20—Provere:​** ​ once the eastern frontier of the Ardean Empire, now the king of this domain claims to be the Ardean Emperor, a claim occasionally honored by other Ardean regions, but mostly ignored. 
-**21—The Great Easterling Kingdom:​** ​ most ancient civilized realm on earth,​wealthy and decadent. 
-**22—Lipon:​** ​ independent island kingdom of Easterlings,​ known for warlike isolationism. 
-**23—Hydaspes:​** ​ rival Easterling kingdom known for seafaring 
-**24—Ardean Islands:​** ​ once heart of Ardean Empire, now a series if independent island duchies, one of which is an Old Ones city state, another is the home of the Lawful Patriarch of the West. 
-**25—Gendis:​** ​ a mixed Westerling-Southron kingdom that has become an extreme Lawful religious state since the fall of the Ardean empire. 
-**26- Rudrun:​** ​ ancient Southron kingdom, now has a mixed Southron and Ardean and Old Ones population divided into a host of duchies engaged in constant bloody war. 
-**27—Desh:​** ​ original home of the Zaharan people, now divided into a series of small emirates, several of which are in the hands of the Old Ones. 
-**28—The Zahara Desert:​** ​ a vast desert full of mystery and death. 
-**29—Ur-mutoz:​** ​ an Easterling colony across the sea.  The coastal cities are still in Easterling hands, but the Old Ones and Orcs have seized the inland regions. 
-**30—Island of Shebar:​** ​ mysterious Southron Kingdom of great wealth and legend. 
-**31—Southern Jungle:** filled with savage Southron tribes, lizardmen and who knows what else. 
-**32—The Kingdom of the South:​** ​ original homeland of the Southrons, an ancient and legendary land. 
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