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 + While the nature of the Zhodani major human race is well understood by Imperial Sociologists and many galactic travellers, there is one aspect of the Zhodani that is often missed. ​  There are in fact two minor non-human races that play an important role in the Zhodani state. ​  
 + First, there is the Span-Kee, a  minor race known for their scientific and psionic prowess. ​ They appear as small (1 to 1.5 meter) humanoids, slender of build, with grey skin and large black eyes, small mouths and almost vestigial ears and eyes.  All Span-Kee are telepaths, and many have additional psionic powers, as a result they have had very little direct friendly contact with Imperial humans, due to the Imperium'​s broad hatred of psionic power. ​ What has been discovered is that the Span-Kee'​s chief interest is collection of data about other species, but that they are clinic, pitiless and cruel in collection of such data.  Span-Kee have been documented engaging in vivisection,​ prolonged torture, and even genocidal assaults on species they have encountered. ​ However, they prefer to avoid direct confrontation with anyone they consider dangerous, preferring treachery and guile. ​
 + Second, there are the Mavorians, another small, humanoid race.  While they are a similar stature to the Span-Kee, they are very different in temper. ​ Mavorians have wrinkled green skin and large, bulbous heads. ​  They are notoriously violent and even murderous; more than that they are incredibly loud and obnoxious, constantly yammering on in their ear-piercing dialect. ​  While average Mavorians are usually not psionic, they are ruled by a psionic priesthood, who are considered nobility in the Consulate. ​    
 + The Zhodani Consulate favors these two races mostly because of their psionic affinity and have found them very useful for various tasks.  ​
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