CHARACTER NAME: H.T. Wilberforce

Full Name: Harrison Tecumseh Wilberforce

Alias: Dr. Hercules

Motto: I'm like Batman, only I'm not really all that in to it.

Position at Fulton Horizons: Director of Scientific Liason

Personal Timeline


Philo Livingston: H.T.'s uncle Philo was his mentor and secreftly used various contacts to further his education and stimulate his interest in “weird science.” When Philo died, H.T. inherited his position at Fulton.

Professor Slambino: While H.T. did not know about the true nature of his Uncle Philo's work at Fulton Horizons, Professor Lucius Slambino certainly did. He hired H.T. as a “research fellow”, but used this as a opportunity to kidnap him and demand a ransom (the secret of Voltaire's Zombie Amplifier) from Philo Livingston. Philo managed to rescue H.T., who was actually unaware that he was kidnapped, but as he was leaving Slambino's lab, H.T. stumbled into some machinery, causing Slambino to be seared by hot steam. Slambino was imprisoned briefly, but escaped, swearing eternal vengeance.

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