Lucius Slambino was professor of Transitional Science at the University of Pennsylvania when he was hired by Philo Livingston as a consultant for Fulton Horizons LTD in the matter of Zombie John Lennon during the 1980's. Slambino was of help to the company, but when he fully realized the power behind Voltaire's Zombie Amplifier he was gripped by a sort of maniacal obsession with the device.

After a few years, Slambino left his post at Penn and set up his own “Think Tank” in a sparsely populated section of Northern Pennsylvania. There he began work on a series of deadly devices, and on his own research into zombie creation. He dogged Philo Livingston for years, trying to weedle the secret of the Zombie amplifier out of him. The professor firmly believed (and still believes) that the device is in the hands of Fulton Horizons, captured after the Lennon affair.

Finally, Slambino made the break into overt super-villainy by luring Livingston's nephew H.T. Wilberforce to his “Think Tank” with an offer of a research fellowship. Wilberforce worked in the laboratory for some months, under the impression he was doing secret, classified government work. But, Professor Slambino issued a ransom demand to Philo Livingston that he hand over the secret of Voltaire's Zombie amplifier in exchange for Wilberforce. Philo led a rescue party, and the rescue turned messy. As a government agent led Wilberforce out of the lab, he fell and activated a steam jet. The scalding steam seriously injured Professor Slambino, who was fighting Livingston in the next room.

Professor Slambino spent 4 months in hospital and a further 3 months in prison before escaping to take on the full-time life of an outlaw supervillain. The steam injuries have left his face mottled and purply and his eyes permanently blood-shot to a very unpleasant degree. He swore vengeance agaisnt both Philo Livingston and H.T. Wilberforce, but now that Livingston is dead, his wrath is targeted squarely against Wilberforce. He still has an obsession with the zombie amplifier and will not spare any opportunity to torture a Fulton operative to discover its wherabouts.

Some of Professor Slambino's more spectacular inventions are the Stercus Cannon and the Insta-Goons. The stercus cannon is a double barrelled weapon that can fire either a sticky, brown, noxious entangling acidic epoxy or a burst of highly destructive brown, evil-smelling acid. The insta-goon projector can turn a man-sized lump of dead organic matter into a murderous henchman under the professor's control.

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