Historical Timeline for the Irongate Campaign

Age of Creation

The First Age of Time

The Second Age of Time: The Elder Empires

The Third Age of Time: The Younger Empires

The Fourth Age of Time:

Year 1: Ivid III renounces imperial throne, restyles himself Overking of the Great Kingdom

Year 15: The Great Kingdom fails to seize the Iron League to the South

Year 25: Last wide war, when Duke of Nyrond, recognizing that the Empire of Nerath is gone forever, declares himself King of Nyrond and leads resistance to last major invasion by Great Kingdom. War is a bloody stalemate, all major armies are broken and exhausted

Year 28: major breakout by monsters from the wildlands and barbarians from South, West and North, shatters the slowly recovering trade and commercial routes. One province degenerates into “The Bandit Kingdoms” under petty, murderous chieftains.

Year 30: Trade and travel have dropped so far that even most educated men rarely go 10 miles beyond the walls of the nearest town or fortress.

Year 50: a cabal of Devil Worshipers establish a realm called “The Horned Society” near Iuz at the center of the old empire (Iuz and Horned Society are nevertheless enemies of each other)

Year 110: As the campaign opens, the world is a shattered and dark place, with a few points of light hoping to guide the world to a better future.

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