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Session/Game:DDND #1         Date: 1/30/05

Episode 1, "What’s Shrew With You?"
Campaign Date: IY 780 Wap 1-7
GM:Dave Nelson, Andrew Smith
Orion , Wood Elf, Swashbuckler, level 1, Andrew Smith
Uff, Half-Ogre, Barbarian, level 1, Marlon Kirton
Kessin , Human, Warlock, level 1, Toby Miller
Cletus McNasty, Gnome, Ranger, level 1, Dave Nelson


Wap 1st, East Bank of the Wode River, Riverburg
Kessin the Warlock arrived at Riverburg after dark. He was unable to gain entrance to the town and so decided to stay at “Sharkey’s” a disreputable and stinky inn in the Hide Town District, across the Wode from Riverburg. First, a guy offering to sell him a new hat annoys Kessin. Then he is annoyed again by a man smoking a pipe. Finally, he is dragged into singing and drinking at a table with some hide hunters (who argue about the correct lyrics to the “I’m happy, you’re happy song). In disgust, Kessin leaves for the chapel by the graveyard. He spends the night in the graveyard and has his pocket picked as he sleeps. Meanwhile, Orion, who had also reached town that evening, speaks with the pipe guy at Sharkey’s, and, based on some information he provided, goes to the North Side Inn to find a certain tracker named Cletus McNasty. Cletus and Orion come up with a plan to generate a map of the North Country and sell it. Then, growing weary of Cletus’s incessant yammering, Orion tries to seduce a halfling maiden drinking at the bar, sing all his Elvis, err, make that Elvish charm. Alas, some things are not meant to be and she leaves, complaining of having to wash her turnips early in the morning. The Half-Ogre Uff approached the town at night, but ended up sleeping under a tree near the gate.

Wap 2nd, Riverburg
Kessin enters the town trying to find a library. He is turned away from the wizard's tower, the town council, and by the wizard’s apprentices inside the tower. Kessin learns of a demon that is said to lair in the Ruins of Kingsburg and which slays all who are caught in the ruins after dark. He goes off in search of a scout to lead him there.

Cletus meets Kessin, and the Warlock invites him to join him on an expedition to the ruins of Kingsburg to search for treasure. Since this does not interfere with the mapmaking venture, Cletus agrees (eventually, after yammering on incessantly for quite some time). Orion signs off on the plan. Cletus volunteers to go buy supplies and a mule. Meanwhile, Orion meets a quiet half-ogre named Uff and convinces him to join in the Kingsburg expedition.

Cletus buys stuff while Orion, Kessin, and Uff look for rumors. Kessin and Uff meet with Ludmund the Quick, who tells them about a failed expedition to Kingsburg, where the rest of his party was massacred after the sun went down. Orion meets with the Druid of Riverburg, who recounts the fall of the town to Trolls and elucidates the mysteries of the universe, how Earth, Air, Fire and Water come together to make the hot, gassy, ball of mud that is our world.

Wap 3rd The Road from Riverburg to the Ruins
While the four adventurers are traveling together, Uff scares away some peasants on the road. The adventurers meet Connor McRedbeard on the road to the ruins and buy some low-priced mead. At night they are attacked by a small party of Hobgoblins, some of whom they slay, others of whom are scared off by a demon summoned by the warlock.

Wap 4th The Road and the Ruins of Kingsburg
They arrive at the ruins and immediately leave because of the fast approaching nightfall. They set up camp near the road, because Connor had said that that was an appropriate distance to keep clear of the nocturnal danger from the ruins. During the night they are attacked by a small patrol of goblins, who are quickly slain or driven off.

Wap 5th Kingsburg Ruins
On the next day, as Cletus guards their camp and mule, Uff, Orion and Kessin search some of the ruined houses of Eastern Kingsburg, relieved to be away from Cletus’s non-stop chattering. Giant shrews, not once, but twice savage Orion. They find and slay some plotting thieves, only to fall into a kobold ambush. The kobolds hurl a great volley of javelins and then flee before the party can respond. It is only through a great deal of Luck that the deadly missiles did not kill the adventurers. The enraged and vengeful adventurers loot and burn the empty kobold camp.

Meanwhile. Cletus fights off a kobold attack of his own. The other three return for lunch. They send Cletus to track down the kobolds. He notices that they would not enter the strangely silent woods to the west of the Tower Hill, but instead repaired to the woods further south.

The party decides to forgo tracking the ambush-happy kobolds into the forest and instead to raid the Hobgoblin huts to the west of town. A stiff fight breaks out between the party and the Black Hand Hobgoblins who live there. That fight goes against the adventurers and they flee, Uff carrying the protesting Cletus.

Wap 6th-7th The Road and Riverburg
The group returns to town with the following loot:
57gp, 24sp, 3 short swords, 3 glaives, 1 shortbow, 3 axes, 5 daggers, 2 crowbars, 50’ rope and grappling iron, 10 torches and a lock pick set.