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After defeating Archbishop Daas at the holy city, Rannos goes off to settle in with the Countess Flavia. He begins drilling his young adopted son Robert in the martial skills, taking him on forays in the north into the territory of Gormak. Rannos preys on the slave traders when he goes on raids, returning with any freed slaves willing to upgrade to mere indentured servitude. Whenever possible, Rannos retains close contact with his old adventuring buddies (even Mr. Fabulous). While domestic life is calming after his experiences in the torture chamber, Rannos' new wife finds his "personal tastes" a bit extreme, and their marriage is never consumatted. Rannos takes it all in stride and finds a busty half-orc retainer to take the place of his ex-flunky Melvin of Stinktown. Meanwhile, Scagnetti's many charms help to while away the countess's long hours alone during Rannos long aventures to the north. Though the castle is abuzz with rumors, the servants know discretion is the better part of valor, expecially with the "Great Axe" in house.

The young Count-to-be grows quickly in body, mind, and spirit through the careful tutelage of Rannos and many scholars. Soon the young man is ready to assume his post. Greatful to his surrogate father, the young count grants him the return of his keep,seized by the church during his incarceration. Rannos and the queen part ways amicably, though Scagnetti and she do have a tearful parting. Rannos gathers his mighty steed, Great Axe, and smelly stablehand, and prepares to return to his old home. Though reluctant to leave the countess, scagnetti also gathers his gear and prepares to serve his master once more in great adventure.

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