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The Story of Whitefire

After his imprisonment and torture, Whitefire finds himself with no belongings, cash or house and some new fingers. He sits down and thinks about this for about 10 minutes and decides to distance himself, as far away as possible, from Bor and the worshipers of Bor. To this end he release Brother Frankie to do as he wishes. He also contacts the Countess and gives up his holdings at fort Blacksword and suggests that Brother Frankie be allowed to continue running a church out of the settlement. (But has no care what happens to it)

He then takes a job teaching magic in the school at Weston. As soon as Whitefire gets set up at the school he uses the summoning rooms the school has to offer to practice summoning demons, devils and Elementals of all kinds. To learn information from them and study them. This, by the way, is not allowed at the school. Truly shocking I tell you !!! You can summon monsters and the like but not the demons and devils. He practices this summoning late nights in the last summoning room at the end of the hallway. This works fine for about the first 2-3 years until one of the demons he summons breaks free and attacks Whitefire. He defeats the demon but damn near dies. Bound and determined to do it better the next time, he cast some protective spells and summons again. The demon breaks free and attacks Whitefire again. This time he fairs a little better in the attack but still almost dies! This turns out to be too much for Whitefire when one night he is attacked by a demon and the resulting fight breaks out into the hallway of the school and continues all over the school. The demon summons another demon, and they kill 50% of the house guard and involve all the other mages in the school with this fight to defeat the 2 demons! JUST SHOCKING !!!

Whitefire is demoted within the school, reprimanded and suspended for a month. He is also magically and verbally banned from using the summoning rooms for 2 months. As soon as he returns, it only take him a short while to break through the magic keeping him from the summoning room to continue his summoning. He has a few other fights with devils and elementals breaking free but, is aided in defeating them with the help of his new fighter henchman Sir Magnus. (He hails from Ragnars Captain force) In the last fight the henchman dies and Whitefire needs him resurrected. When he goes to have this done it is discovered that he died from fighting demons and Whitefire is forced to admit to summoning in the school to have the henchman raised.

About the time Whitefire had returned from the first banning, there had started a lot of trouble in the town with demons and devils harassing the population. At first Whitefire was suspected but, since he was not summoning he could not be blamed. Now that Whitefire was found out that he had been summoning, he is formally charged with all the problems in town arising from the demons and jailed. His fighter henchmen tries to have Whitefire released to no avail. However the trouble in town continues. With Whitfire locked up, it can't possibly be him and it is decided that there is some other force causing this trouble. The town leaders think about this problem for a few days and decide that who better to defeat the demons than Whitefire the demon slayer !!! Well, Whitefire wants to have nothing to do with this stinking town and denies the request and leaves town for parts unknown. About 2 weeks into Whitefire's travels, he is transported back to the town leaders. (Against his will!!) The town leaders are still having trouble with the demons and all their heroes have not returned that they had sent to stop the trouble. At this point they tell Whitefire to name his price to take care of the menace! Whitefire tells them that he wants a 3 wish ring, his good standing and original rank returned in the school and Money/Land for a mage tower wherever he wants it. The leaders agree and Whitefire and his henchmen set out to "Save the town"!

Over the next 2 weeks Whitefire and his henchman track down the cause of the menace and destroy it. Some of the fights involve saving babies being carried off in the night by demons and devils and the fight happens in the streets. This is to Whitefire great dismay, regular people should not have to deal with such terrible attrocities. Eventually the demon menace is destroyed and Whitefire gets his rewards. With the 3 wish ring Whitefire wishes for 3 weeks of great feasting and celebration for the town of Weston. The first week was great, and all in the town had a good time. The second week was good as well but some of the local food merchants and business people voiced dismay with the wish. For it was hurting teir business. People also started to wonder why in the world you would waste 2 wishes on such things! The 3rd week became a real problem for all the food merchants and local businessman. They demanded that the partying ceased and that things went back to normal! The town leaders told Whitefire that no more free city parties were to be tolerated or he would be repremanded. Whitefire figured that was enough come-upance for them and decided to quit! Besides, he was out of wishes! All the town LOVED Whitefire for the free food and drink and ending the terrible demon problem. The businessmen were settled with their concerns when Whitefire paid them for 2 weeks of business losses from the parties. (Of course this came from the churches coffers! Unbeknowst to the common man!) Whitefire was seen as totally crazy to waste the wishes on such a simple thing as the parties. But, everybody loved him for it just the same! Whitefire spends another couple of years teaching at the school and summoning (under special protection!). Without any other major mishaps, He then decides to summon on his own. The town was to closed and the politics too much for him to handle. So, he headed out of town to set up his own tower and do research on his own! Whitefire and Sir Magnus rest at the new castle. Whitefire researches spells and Sir Magnus goes about protecting the tower and training some low-level fighters that stop by. They continue to visit Rannos sporatically and Brother Frankie.

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