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Session/Game: Marches 3e Session #30-31 Interlude       Date: 11/4/2001

Campaign Date: Odec 12 IY 469 - Uni 5 IY 480

K'Leif , elf ranger-13 (Age 135 IY480) CG, Charles Tillinghast
   Tozi, elf monk-3, druid-7 (Age 135 IY480) CG, cohort
Gabriel Leadfoot, halfling rogue-11 ranger-1 fighter-1 (Age 33 IY480) NG, Mike Miller
   Zeitgeist, faerie dragon sorcerer-10 (Age 180 IY480) NG, cohort
Sir Ostler, human cleric-13 (Age 36 IY480) LN, Joe Fryar
   Mathis LeBlaque, human paladin-10 (Age 29 IY 480) LG, cohort
Angus McNasty, gnome illusionist-13 (Age 82 IY480) CN, Dave Nelson
   Beavis McNasty, gnome barbarian-10 (Age 72 IY480) CN, cohort
Rannos, human fighter-13 (Age 29 IY 480) CG, Bob LaForge
   Scagnetti human sorcerer-10 (Age 29 IY480) CG, cohort
Adia Clearbreeze, elf sorcerer-12, noble-1 (Age 140 IY480) LG, Andrew Smith
Whitefire, human wizard-12, rogue-1 (Age ? IY480) CN, Chuck Fleurie
Ragnar, human rogue-13 (Age ? IY480) CG, Shaun Sipple

For ten years, the heroes of Blacksword drifted apart and had many of their own adventures. These are their stories of this period away from the group.

The Stories:

  • K'Leif's Decade
  • Tale of a midwife (Adia)
  • The High History of House McNasty
  • Ten years as Count Rannos of Storm Eagle
  • A letter from Sir Ostler to his father
  • The Story of Whitefire
  • Ragnar the Pirate King
  • Gabriel's adventures into the past