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Excerpt from The Manifesto of the Rule of Law
Hadrock Justine, Magi Secundum of the Empire of Dawn

The rule of law is the pilliar of our virtue as followers of Bor. Without the rule of law, we are nothing. The Emperor rules his kingdom not because of any secular right given by might of arms. Instead it is the divine right of Bor that gives the Emperor the divine right and responsibility of rule. Without piety and strict adherence to the rule of sacred law, the Empire is nothing.

That said, I find it disturbing that secular local governments have taken to writing their own rules and laws, some contrary to the sacred rule of the Justicefather. In this treatise, I propose that these false, secular laws and those who pen them should be thrown down. The Law of Bor is All. Any other power is merely pretending at divinity. There can be no sharing or dilution of this divine power to any other being than the single, sacred ruler of the church of Bor. Any other form of rulership is the work of an aggressive power against all those who love peace and harmony with their neighbor, and Bor will have his vengance with those false prophets and their empty rules in the end.

Biographical Note: Hadrock Justine was one of the judge/priests of the Empire of Dawn during that empire's later years. He was strictly against a movement popular at the time for the current theocracy to share some of its power with more local secular rulers. The movement was based on the argument that the local governments were more in touch with the needs of the people. This manifesto is a written argument against the sharing of that power. The manifesto is written in Old Dawnian.

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