Session/Game: ††† BD&D1††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† Date:April 1, 2000


Campaign Date:Month of Zan,Days: 1-14,Year: 837 of the Gorgranic Epoch



Chaotic Joe:human fighter, level 5, Chaotic,Matt D.

Bob the Mage:human mage, level 4, Neutral,Chuck F

Punjab: human cleric, level 2, Neutral, henchman

Smackdown the Barbarian, human berserker, level 5, Neutral, Chuck F

Baldar the Annoying, human, fighter, level 5, Chaotic, Matt D

Shorty Big-Nose:gnome, level 2, Neutral, henchman

Dude, fighter level 1, neutral, henchman

Guy, fighter, level 1, neutral, henchman

Mack, fighter, level 1, neutral, henchman



Chaotic Joe and Bob the Mage, with his henchman Punjab, were at Horny Billís Trading Post in the Melvek valley.As they left the main store, they were both pelted with a pile of flying feces, launched from a catapult from across the river.They quickly charged across and caught 20 or so hobgoblins dismantling their catapult.They killed 3-4 of the hobgoblins but the rest escaped, leaving Bob wounded.†† They returned to the trading post where Punjab bought some of Pappy Potwhistleís magic salve to cure his master (managing to negotiate the price down to 50 gp from 100).

The three then traveled west along the trade road toward the dwarf kingdom.On the way they met a group of human traders who offered to pay them to escort them back to Horny Billís.Bob and Joe agreed and they set off.Chaotic Joe detected and ambush and attacked a group of gnolls hiding in the bush.Meanwhile the traders turned out to be bandits, in league with the gnolls.They captured Bob and Punjab and tied them up while the gnolls attacked Chaotic Joe.†† Joe killed about half the gnolls, but they seriously wounded him.They offered a truce to withdraw, but Joe insisted on fighting to the death and was soon killed.The bandits and gnolls left Bob and Punjab tied up naked on the road and departed with their stuff.†† Bob used his spells to undo the ropes and the two, finding the remains of Bobís spell book, returned to Horny Billís.Bob the Mage swore that he had had enough of adventure and wandered back to the east.

Punjab, however, hired on to the service of Smackdown the Barbarian, joining a fellow henchman Shorty Bignose, a gnome.Smackdown decided to join forces with Baldar the Annoying, a chaotic warrior who led a force of three soldiers: Guy, Mack and Dude.They agreed that the brigands who were fleecing local caravans must have a nice store of treasure, so they decided to hunt them down.

Travelling north along the river they were set upon by three giant toads.They killed them all, but Baldar noticed a red-robed figure standing along the wood line immediately before the attack.The party tracked the figureís footprints along a deer path deep into the woods.†† Eventually they came across the camp of three lepers.Filled with horror, the party refused to approach the lepers.Finally Baldar gave Mack, his henchman, 40 gp to go and discover whether they were in fact lepers or not.†† When he returned, he said that they werenít lepers, and that one had tried to put the Hoo-Doo on him.†† They party attacked the so-called lepers who turned out to be magicians.The mages were soon killed, but wounded Punjab severely, nearly to death.

After the fight, Baldar took back the 40gp from Mack, much to the irritation of all three fighter henchmen.As a result, the three fighters all fled during the night.Baldar gave chase, but failed to catch them, much to his wrath.The party decided that in order to save Punjab, it made the most sense for Baldar to run back to Horny Billís for some healing salve, rather than to try to haul the unconscious priest all the way there.

After a long run, in which he scattered some surprised hobgoblins, he reach the trading post.He started to negotiate the price of the healing slave with Horny Bill.(Horny Bill, by the way was a gnome who had goatís horns growing from his head, due to the result of a curse).When Horny Bill would only come down to 75 gp, Baldar became enraged and stabbed him in the back.A short fight ensued in which Baldar ended up charmed by one of Billís spells and paid all his money for 2 doses of salve, and returned contentedly to the camp site.

Soon Punjab was healed and the charm wore off of Baldar.That night a group of Ogres, looking for the magicians, entered the camp.A brutal fight ensued, but the party was victorious.Their success lay partially in the use of ďToadaramaĒ a magical wand that Shorty Bignose had discovered on one of the dead magicians.This wand summoned giant toads to fight for its owner.†† They recovered a fair amount of dwarven-minted electrum from both the magicians and the Ogres.Many of the party were grievously injured by the Ogres, so they returned to Horny Billís.Pretending to still be charmed, Baldar again stabbed Horny Bill in the back.†† Bill vanished and Baldar was kicked out of the settlement.

The party eventually hunted down the lair of the raiders.It seemed that Lamiarchus, a chaotic priest, had gathered a motley band of gnolls, hobgoblins, bandits, berserkers and others to raid the caravan routes.Baldar approached him in his throne room and asked for assistance in attackingHorny Billís.†† Lamiarchus agreed, for a 40% share of the loot he would give the party 20 hobgoblins to aid in the attack, with details of the eventual betrayal to be worked out later.

Punjab, Shorty and Smackdown approached the gates of the palisade around Horny Billís and got entrance.They subdued the gnomes guarding the gates, and Punjab and Shorty (using Toadarama) fought of six human and five gnome soldiers while Smackdown charged the watchtower and killed the gnomes inside after a long fight.†† When the gate swung open, Baldar led the hobgoblins to join the attack.†† Although Horny Bill killed most of the hobgoblins with a fireball, Baldar and the others wiped out the defenders (one of the summoned toads even swallowed a gnome whole).They cornered Horny Bill and Baldar, through a wild stroke of luck managed to kill him.†† They all looted the trading post and burned it to the ground.†† They did send the remaining hobgoblins with a share of the loot back to Lamiarchus, although it was likely less than 40%.