Session/Game:        BD&D 3                                             Date:  May 13, 2000


Campaign Date: Yeb 15- Xar 7 837 GE



Baldar the Annoying  human, fighter, chaotic, level 5, Matt Digulielmo

Smackdown the Barbarian, human, berserker, neutral, level 5  Chuck Fleurie

            Punjab, human cleric, neutral, level 2, henchman

            Mr Shorty Bignose, gnome, level 2, neutral, henchman

Fester, Friend of the Feaster:  human, cleric, chaotic, level 5 Bob Laforge

            Big Bad John, human, fighter, level 1, chaotic, henchman

            Propertio, human, bard, level 2, neutral, henchman



When Smackdown was on the point of being released from the Fort Lester jail, he was hauled in front of the governor, where Ulbreck the Dwarf Lord, and Grandwic the Gnome chief demanded his extradition for the murder of Horny Bill and the plundering of a dwarf caravan.   The governor claimed it was none of his affair since the crimes had happened outside of imperial territory and did not involve imperial citizens.  Thus Smackdown was released to rejoin his henchmen and his old partner Baldar.

            Baldar was irritated that the dwarves were accusing them of plundering a dwarf caravan, which they had not done.  He was more than willing to admit that he had killed Horny Bill.  He went around town trying to find out information and to harass the local dwarves.

     That night the dwarves and gnomes struck.  A hired actor pretended to be stabbed with a knife, wandered into their tavern and croaked out “It’s Lamiarchus”, hoping to turn the party against their old ally the Chaotic priest, who, in fact had convinced the dwarves that Baldar and Smackdown had robbed their caravan.  They rushed outside, seeing a woman pop her face around the corner of a building, (it was a gnomish illusion), Baldar and Fester gave chase.  Smackdown, Punjab and Mr Shorty Bignose went off in another direction.  The dwarves, hiding in the darkness dealed out several wounds to various members of the group until they fled back into Mike’s tavern.  Punjab and Shorty killed two of the dwarves, one of whom was swallowed by a summoned toad.

            The next day Baldar gave Fester a pile of cash and he then hired two henchmen:  Propertio the Bard, and Big Bad John, a fighter.  Baldar then went to the tower of Mancreed and gave him a Scroll of Protection from Lycanthropes in exchange for casting Mass Invisibility on the whole party.  Thus protected they fled to the ruins of Blagash the Accursed.  They had left word that that is where they might be found with a servant of Mancreed, who was to spread that word after three days.

            In Blagash, they set an ambush.  Big Bad John shot crossbow bolts when the dwarves arrived and started to climb the cliffs.  Then the party fell on the group of 8 dwarves and 6 gnomes by surprise.  They killed all the gnomes and all but two of the dwarves, whom they captured.  Baldar released one of the dwarves, asking him to bring a representative of the dwarf lord to bargain for the other.  At length, by messages he convinced the dwarf lord Ulbreck that they had not robbed the dwarf caravan, and Ulbrek agreed to call off his hunting parties and repeal the price on their heads.  The party was still liable to attack on sight however as being notorious outlaw murderers.  Baldar released the second dwarf and  all departed from Blagash.

            Realizing that Lamiarchus had betrayed them, the party rushed to his cave headquarters to seek revenge.  They cut through the gnoll guards outside, and drove off some hobgoblins who attacked them form the rear.  Entering Lamiarchus’s cave, they were set upon by 15 berserkers, 4 Ogres and Lamiarchus himself.  Propertio summoned up several groups of magic toads from the Toadarama wand, which finally crumbled to dust, Lamiarchus countered with 16 summoned serpents.  Eventually all but Propertio, Baldar and Smackdown were frozen by Lamiarchus’ evil sorcery.  Smackdown was sore wounded by the Ogre guards, but at last Baldar, with the god-cursed luck of the stinking devils of hell, managed to fight through to Lamiarchus and slay him before he could escape.