Session/Game:        BD&D 4                                             Date: May 28. 2000


Campaign Date: Xar 8-Wap 30 837



Baldar the Annoying  human, fighter, chaotic, level 6, Matt Digulielmo

Smackdown the Barbarian, human, berserker, neutral, level 5  Chuck Fleurie

            Punjab, human cleric, neutral, level 2, henchman

            Mr Shorty Bignose, gnome, level 2, neutral, henchman

Fester, Friend of the Feaster:  human, cleric, chaotic, level 5 Bob Laforge

            Big Bad John, human, fighter, level 1, chaotic, henchman

            Propertio, human, bard, level 2, neutral, henchman

            Drogo, human, thief, level 1, neutral, henchman



            In the forest outside of Fort Lester, Friar Fester, Friend of the Feaster had a dream vision that he should seek the lost Fork of the Feaster in the Dungeon of Skulls south of Horny Bill’s old place.  He somehow convinced Smackdown and Baldar to accompany them.  They stopped in Fort Lester to take in some supplies and hired Drogo, a thief, to help them.

            Travelling to Horny Bill’s, they found it was being rebuilt as a fortified temple complex, directed by a Curate of the Bishop of Fort Lester.  Baldar and Smackdown were annoyed since they had claimed the site for their own, but they were too weak to challenge the guards, and as the Book of Nimrod says “Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers”.

            They arrived at the Dungeon of Skulls, and while searching the first room were attacked by a Wraith (which drained 1 level from Smackdown) and a party of 16 gnolls.  They proceeded into the dungeon, avoided a large trap, Drogo activated a poison gas trapped chest, but survived, and then they fought and killed 2 trolls—but it was a very hard fight.  They returned to the surface and Smackdown road back to town for more supplies, a vain attempt at getting his level restored and to hire 6 mercenaries to guard their horses and wagon while they made their return expedition. 

            In the following two trips they destroyed a large number of Ogres, two Hell Hounds, 4 more trolls, a black pudding and 4 gargoyles.  When they encountered a party of 15 dwarves, Baldar challenged them that he would fight the toughest 4 dwarves and that would settle things.  It was a hard fight, since one of the dwarves was a 4th level expert swordsman, but Baldar was the votor and the remaining dwarves departed.   Drogo was killed by a second poison gas trap.  They party decided to avoid a dragon which they located beneath a trap door to the second level.  Although Baldar wasted a giant strength potion and a flying potion when he took them both and just got sick.   Two of the mercenaries were killed when Ogres rushed their camp one night when the party was resting.

            Proceeding further, Smackdown gained control of a cave bear using an animal control potion.  Taking it with them they encountered a group of 3 mages and 8 dwarf guards.  Baldar taunted and threatened them until they attacked.  Two of the mages let lose fireballs, instantly killing everyone in the close packed party except Baldar, Smackdown and the cave bear.  The third mage used her ring of invisibility to disappear. The dwarves killed the cave bear while Baldar and Smackdown were trapped by web spells.  Smackdown was held fast, but Baldar cut free in 2 rounds, only to suffer several magic missile hits.  He managed to kill the invisible mage when she reappeared, by throwing his sword at her.  But it was of no use, as he was webbed again and shot to pieces by dwarves.  

            The mages looted the party and departed, and Smackdown finally broke free 10-20 minutes later.  He fled the dungeon and returned to Fort Lester, now a wealthy man, since most of the loot was up in the camp with the mercenaries.  He regained his lost level and made it to 6th.