Session/Game:        BD&D 5                                             Date: June 10, 2000


Campaign Date:  Vay 1—Uni 30 Imperial Year 468



Smackdown the Barbarian:  human, berserker, Neutral, 6th level:  Chuck F

            Balthac the Wise, human cleric, neutral, level 2 henchman

            Arruns, elf, neutral, level 1, henchman

Feclar, elf, chaotic, level 4, Chuck F

            Childeric of the Great Serpent: chaotic, cleric, level 2, henchman

            Ulfsark, fighter, human, level 1, neutral, henchman

Grond, human, fighter, 5th level, chaotic, Bob L.

            Vrax! magic user, level 1, neutral, human,  henchman

            Munch, human, fighter, level 1, neutral, henchman

            Filo Stump, dwarf, level 1 neutral, henchman

Strider, human, fighter, chaotic, level 5, Matt D.

Valeria, human, thief, chaotic, level 5, Tiff D.



            Smackdown, recuperating at Fort Lester, sent out town criers to scare up some henchmen and recruited Balthac the Wise and Arruns the Elf.  His advertising also attracted the attention of Strider, Valeria and Grond (plus Grond’s henchmen Vrax! and Munch) who joined with Smackdown as his new partners.  After failing to gain any additional leads from Mancreed the Wizard, the party decided that Smackdown should lead them back to the Dungeon of Skulls for another go at the hidden treasure.  On the way they killed some Ogres.  They slew some more Ogres in the dungeon.  They failed to find much treasure, but in the dungeon Grond lost his suit of plate mail to a Rust Monster, from which they fled.  On the way out they were attacked by a mummy that infected the elf Arruns and the fighter Munch with the dreaded mummy rot.  Deciding that the trouble of curing rotting henchmen was too high, Grond killed Munch and Valeria killed Arruns on the trip back.

            Back in Fort Lester, Smackdown once again visited Mancreed.  This time the two had words, each insulted the other and Mancreed transformed Smackdown into a sheep.  The rest of the party killed the sheep and ate it for supper.  Valeria and Grond then began to quarrel over who would get Smackdown’s magic sword.  They started to fight over it and Grond got a thorough drubbing.  (Valeria got the sword).  After waiting a week or so, Strider visited Mancreed and was told that he had heard of a place called “The Abbey La Savage” near the village of Happy Dale, and that this place was the source of evil raiders that were plaguing the territory.  Mancreed couldn’t be bothered to deal with it, so he suggested they try and perhaps they’d make some money out of the deal.  Since Smackdown’s henchman Balthac the Wise and Grond’s henchman Vrax! the mage had both quit after seeing the fate of Arruns and Munch, the party, seeing they were low on spell power, searched around and found a chaotic High Elf named Feclar and his cleric henchman Childeric of the Great Serpent to join them.

            Once in Happy Dale, the local priest “Father Pablo” welcomed them and warned them not to go to the Abbey, since no one ever returned from it.  Nevertheless off they went.  The floor of the Abbey was a trap door and dumped them all down into a room full of Ogres, whom they killed.  They advanced, killing two trolls, two parties of Dark Elves and a few lesser monsters.  At one point Grond accidentally shot Valeria in the back with an arrow, causing her to through a dagger at him.  The dagger was magic and Grond took it and put into his pack.  After several battles, they found they were very weak, and so shut themselves into a room for a few days to heal.  At one point a group of Wererats tricked them into opening the door, but they were driven off.  After some healing they soon found the secret exit form the Abbey and returned to Father Pablo. 

They made a quick trip to Fort Lester and hired a fighter Ulfsark and a dwarf Filo Stump for added fire power and once again returned to the Abbey.  They killed a nest of Giant Lizards, two groups of Werewolves and a company of 25 hobgoblins.  There they discovered a long shaft leading far under the earth.  Valeria was seriously wounded by the werewolves and Feclar picked up a cursed sword. They returned to Father Pablo, declaring the raids from the  Abbey were over.  Then it was back to Fort Lester, where Mancreed removed the cursed sword from Feclar, for a large price, and the bishop cured the lycanthropy from Valeria for a similar fee.  Mancreed however purchased the cursed sword for a small price.