Session/Game:        BD&D 7                                             Date: July 9, 2000


Campaign Date: Sau 15  to Povem 1  468 (10 weeks!)



Feclar, elf, chaotic, level 5, Chuck F.

            Childeric of the Great Serpent, human, cleric, level 5, chaotic, henchman

Strider, human fighter, chaotic, level 6, Matt D.

            Big Bad Blog, orc, 3 HD, chaotic, henchman

Titus McNasty, gnome, chaotic, level 5, NPC

A handful of orc and goblin flunkies

Gildor, wood elf, neutral, level 2, NPC

Rodbert and Todbert, wood elf, neutral, level 1,  henchmen to Gildor

(all levels indicate status at end of game session this entry)



Gathering at Blind Pete’s, the party decided to venture forth to recover the arms of Morpheus.   They bought a cart and a pile of food for the journey, and Feclar hired 4 goblins to supplement the 4 orcs they still had in their employ.   The only trouble they had on the journey through the orcish uplands to the Armory of Morpheus was harassment from some orcish and hobgoblin hunting parties. 

        After a week’s travel they arrived at the armory’s location, which now was a small hill covered with trees.  In the clearing at the top they were warned off by a Guardian Owl. But ignored his threats and attacked him.   He and his 5 brothers cast multiple Hold Person spells and captured the entire party.  The Owls’ hobbit allies arrived, stripped the party of their weaponry and treasure, tied them up and released them armed with only pointed sticks, two days distance in the wilds. 

Filled with wrath, they returned to the area.  Feclar, Strider and Titus McNasty turned invisible, tracked the halflings’ lair and raided it.  Because the three were unarmored, they suffered grievous wounds in the fighting, but managed to kill 15 of the halflings and compelled the rest to surrender.  The three rescued their equipment and Childeric’s as well and fled into the night before the owls could arrive.

They waited several days and then hatched a plan to encircle the forest and set it ablaze.  Gildor and his wood elves were aghast and decided to quit the expedition, took their share of the food and departed.  The goblins, orcs and party members used oil and torches and set the trees around the hill side on fire, causing the Owls to sweep out and attack.  The barrage of Hold Spells devastated the party again.  Titus McNasty and two of the orcs resisted and killed one of the owls, the goblins were all killed or driven off, but Feclar, Childeric and Strider were all Held.  When Titus turned invisible and the two orcs were thrown down, the owls flew away to summon the halflings again.  Titus used a Rope Trick scroll to hide himself, Feclar and Strider from the halfilings as the rest of the party (Childeric and the 4 orcs –Titus has bandaged the two wounded ones)were re-captured.   They made another raid on the halfling lair, slew the remaining ones and Titus managed to kill one more Owl.  The party was reunited, re-equipped and ready for vengeance.

This time  they waited long enough to make the entire party invisible.  The attack began with a fire-ball scroll from Feclar and then a ferocious rain of blows and magic missiles, which finally wiped out the Lawful Owl guardians of the place.  After waiting some time to recover wounds and spells, they entered the underground chambers where the arms were guarded.

Thye enetered the secret lair where the arms were sealed.  The fought past several guardians:  a Helion from the Plane of Fire, a Angelic Maiden, a Djinni, and a Htdrax (a crablike creature form the Plane of Water), as well as several construct terrors:  an Amber Golem of a Tiger, several Animated Statues of Stone and myriad traps.   The were unable to rest for long due to the vicious attacks of the Shade of Morpheus who slew one of the Orcs and at another occasion slew Strider (but he was revived by a Raise Dead scroll).Two more of the orcs were killed by the Djinni.  The remaining orc (Blorgo) had been entrusted with a magic Pole Axe and proved to be a worthy fighter in his own right.  Finally, they thought they had found the Arms of Morpheus, but were tricked into taking a pile of cursed items with them back on the week long trip to Bonesville.

 Once there, Feclar was afflicted with the curses on a sword, spear and shield.  They realized they had not gotten Morpheus’ arms when they thought back to a picture they had seen of Morpheus and the fact that all the arms were of different types than in the picture.

They hired 5 more orcs and trudged the 7 fdays back to the armory, fought through some Crystal Stautes and found and killed the Shade of Morpheus in his lair.  Then they finally found the true armory and and seized the powerful arms for themselves.  Another week of traveling saw them back to Bonesville.  Feclar then traveled alone for three weeks into the Empire of Seven Swords and had a priest remove the cursed weapons in exchange for three magic items they had found.

The  Arms of Morpheus were as follows:

THE BLACK SHIELD OF  THE ABYSS:  This is a +3 shield that also has the power of spell turning.  Each day roll 2d6 and the shield will reflect that many spells back at casters for that day.   It will not turn spells against chaotic clerics however, nor demons or undead.  The shield must be held by the user and pointed in the direction of the caster for the spell power to work.

THE TRIDENT OF MORPHEUS:  a +4 trident that does double all damage when used against Lawful Priests, Paladins, Elves, Dwarves and Mages.  It also can cast Mass Charm, Reincarnation, and Gate in a Type I demon each 1/week),  1 per day it can cast Animate Dead, Confusion and Dimension Door.

THE PLATE OF NIGHTMARES: a +3 suit of plate mail which can cast Mirror Image, Cause Fear, and Polymorph Self each once per day.

THE BLUDGEON OF HELLFIRE:  this is a mace +5 which on command can be covered with a bright fire  (burning trolls, providing torch light etc) and 3 times per day can fire off an 8 die fireball.

THE HELM OF DARKNESS: black helmet with horns.   It gives the user ESP 2/day,  acts as a ring of regeneration, and gives user +3 saves against any spell cast by a Lawful mage or cleric.  It also can cast a circle of Darkness 15 feet radius around the caster at will, only the caster, demons, or the undead can see within the radius of the darkness.  If a light spell or continual light spell is cast at the wearer, he must save vs spell or the darkness power will be lost for the rest of the day.


Strider got the Plate of Nightmares, and the Shield of the Abyss.  Feclar got the Trident of Morpheus and the Helm of Darkness, and Titus McNasty got the Bludgeon of Hellfire.