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There are many stories that have been told using the world of Caedes as its backdrop.

The Northern Marches Campaign
In the Northern Marches of the Empire of the Seven Swords, a group of adventurers do their best to create a name for themselves on the borderlands.

The Axeburg Campaign
The Shefings sometimes think of their lives and lands as a series of dichotomies: winter and summer, tundra and taiga, war and peace, steel and sorcery, darkness and light. A true Shefing, it is said, finds beauty and peace in all and both.

The Six Dales Campaign
In a land divided without a king, the good, the bad, and the ugly all meet their destinies.

The Melvek Wilds Campaign
Knee-deep in the chaos of the Melvek Wilds, a group of adventurers overcome constant failure on their way toward building one of the largest humanoid army-hordes since the time of the wizard-kings.

The Acropolis Of Eternity Campaign
"My goal is simple. It is complete understanding of the universe: Why it is as it is and why it exists at all." -Dr. Stephen Hawking

The Fort Trefrey Campaign
In the Southern Marches of the Empire of the Seven Swords, strange things are afoot. It has been over two centuries since the crushing weight of the witch-kings was lifted from the area, but now that legacy is coming back to haunt the peaceful peoples of the Southern Marches. Fort Trefrey stands between the serene villages and cities of the Northern plains and the undisturbed corruption and evil of the Sothern swamps. It is located in a province named only "Tale O' Nine" after a folktale composed centuries ago during the rule of the Empire of Dawn.

The Escape From Farscult Campaign
What horrors lie in the dark nation of Gormak? Can a group of intrepid young heroes escape the dark clutches of Highlord Mox Krustal, ruler of the city-state of Farscult? Or will they fall prey to the other predators of the fractured nation?

The Lords Of Hack Campaign
Sometimes we play Hackmaster, but let's never speak of it again.

The Legacy of the Seven Swords Boardgame
Before the Crusade that destroyed the wizard-kings, even before the Empire was formed, the followers of Bor had to free themselves from the bonds of slavery to Acherousia. This is the history of the struggles that changed the face of Caedes forever.

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