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Session/Game:             Marches 3e 10                                             Date:12/17/00


Campaign Date: Zan 18th—Yeb 19th  Imperial Year 469



Kronin, dwarf, fighter, level 7, LN  Dave Hanley

Ragnar, human, rogue, level 6, CG, Shaun Sipple

Whitefire, human rogue-1/ wizard-5, CN Charles Fleurie

            Garl  half-orc, barbarian, level 3, CN  cohort

Abe, Ben, Charles, Dick, Eddie, and Floyd, human, warrior-1, N, hirelings

Father Godfrey, human, cleric, level 2, LG, NPC



Zan 18th-19th

            Party spends two days in Baltburg.  Kronin hires some workmen to install a strong door for the cave entrance to Fort Blacksword.  They all arrange for 6 men-at-arms to be hired through Tobar.  Whitefire offers Garl a permanent position as his body-guard-in-chief and axe-monkey-first-class, and he accepts.  They also approach Bishop Lucius and ask for a priest to help them on their return crusade to the ruins in the waste.  He sends the young Father Godfrey along with them.  Rannos, Ostler, and Bayne remained in Fort Blacksword to keep watch.


Zan 20th –21st

Slowed down because the men-at-arms are unmounted, and because they have brought the wagon, the party takes two days to walk to Ludwig (in time for spinach night).


Zan 22nd

            Leaving Ludwig for the wasteland, they walk all-day and camp in the wilds.  In the night they are attacked by 2 bands of skeletons, 2 bands of zombies and 2 bands of ghouls, but drive them all off.  The first band of ghouls was the most dangerous, paralyzing several of the more powerful members of the party before Godfrey sent them packing by the power of Bor.


Zan 23rd

            They continue to walk through the waste, find the abandoned orc fort and make camp there.


Zan 24th

            Leaving Dick, Eddie and Floyd to guard the horses in the orc brigand fort, Kronin, Ragnar, Whitefire, Garl, Godfrey, Abe, Ben and Charles descend to the dungeon beneath the Serpent Tower once more.  Ragnar succeeds in opening an ancient locked door that had resisted him on a previous expedition, and they found the chamber within contained 3 shadowy spirits who attacked them vigorously.  The party prevailed, but Godfrey was drained of much strength by the foul abominations.  After scouting around a little more, the party decided to return to their camp and rest.


Zan 25th

Party rests in orc fort.


Zan 26th

            Party returns to dungeon beneath the Serpent tower and searches several rooms, in one they unleash 5 Hell Hounds who heap fiery breath upon them.  They eventually defeat the hounds, but most of the party suffers major burn damage and they flee back to the surface.  In the room they recover a brass mirror which was rigged to reflect the image of a demon painted on the opposite wall.


Zan 27th-28th

It takes two days for Godfrey to heal all of the burn damage to the party resting in the orc fort.


Zan 29th

            Another trip to the Serpent Tower.  They discover a Huge Ghastly Rat which paralyzes Kronin and inflicts some damage to others before it is dispatched.  After Kronin recovers they fight a band of Giant Lizardman Skeletons and slay them.  In a further room they find another band of large skeletons clawing at a wall,  they slay these too and discover a large cache of silver bars as well.   Searching some more they find another brass mirror.  Finally, they find a hidden floor compartment and b=heave it open in another chamber.  Despite Ragnar’s assurances that it was perfectly safe, opening the stone tumbles down several rocks onto the party.  They discover a significant pile of treasure underneath, but are so battered by the falling rock they return to camp.


Zan 30th –Yeb 1st

            Party rests for two days in orc fort.


Yeb 2nd

            Allowing Abe, Ben and Charles to stay with the horses, the party takes Eddie, Dick and Floyd with them back to the Serpent Tower.  Inside they discover a secret compartment containing some more fabulous treasure, and Ragnar nimbly dodges the fireball trap that guarded it.   Later they find a room that contains a single black candle.  When Kronin moves it, he is set upon by 3 medium-sized fire elementals who badly burn him before they are dispatched.  After some magical healing they are later set upon by 10 smaller fire elementals who also inflict hideous burns on many members of the party (but Kronin tales more that his fair share of the flaming pain).  Once again they return to the camp.


Yeb 3rd

            Rest in orc fort


Yeb 4th

            Once again they return to the Serpent Tower and fight through the 10 small fire elementals, who are summoned once again by the magic spell in the room.  They discover a room with a glass mirror and a rug that warns against it.  They leave the mirror there.  They find another sealed door which is opened by the blue key.  This leads to an ancient tunnel which has branches going to the basement of the orc fort, and off in another direction too.  In the tunnel they find some recent orc tools and evidence that the orcs who had followed Grudgore the half-demon had tried to bash through the sealed door into the dungeon, but to no avail. 


Yeb 5th

            Party rests in orc fort


Yeb 6th

            Party begins to walk back toward Ludwig.  Resting for the night they are attacked by  3 bands of skeletons, whom Godfrey turns away by the power of Bor.  Two bands of zombies also attack, one of which is turned by Godfrey, the other blasted to dust by Whitefire.


Yeb 7th

            Arrive at Ludwig


Yeb 8th-9th

            Walk from Ludwig to Baltburg


Yeb 10th

            Party cashes out the hoard of treasure they recovered.  Whitefire makes an appointment to see Raedgar the Mysterious, a local wizard.  The appointment is set for 5 days hence.   Bothered by the glass mirror they left behind, Whitefire decides to go retrieve it and show it to Raedgar.   The six men-at-arms take a 10gp bonus and leave the service of the party.


Yeb 11th-14th

            Whitefire, Ragnar and Kronin ride fast horses to Ludwig and back to the wasteland, retrieve the mirror from the Serpent tower, return to Ludwig and back to Baltburg in time for Whitefire’s appointment.


Yeb 15th

            Meeting with Raedgar, Whitefire is told that the glass mirror is useless, but if he switches the position of the two brass mirrors in the dungeon and speak certain secret words he’ll activate powerful magic. Raedgar offers to trade the glass mirror for a scroll containing some spells and the secret words.   Suspicious, Whitefire checks with the bishop who doesn’t know much.  He then identifies the mirror as having the power to trap life essence.            Whitefire decides to accept the trade.


Yeb 16th-17th

            Kronin, Garl, Whitefire and Ragnar ride quickly to Ludwig and then across the waste to the Serpent Tower.  There they try to reverse the mirrors and say the magic words, but realize to no effect.  They are suspicious that Raedgar has deceived them.


Yeb 18th-19th

            They all ride back to Fort Blacksword.