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Session/Game: Marches 3e #11                                                            Date: 1/7/01


Campaign Date:

Yeb 15th to the 26th  Imperial Year 469


Kronin, dwarf, fighter, level 8, LN  Dave Hanley

Whitefire, human rogue-1/ wizard-6, CN Charles Fleurie

            Garl  half-orc, barbarian, level 4, CN  cohort

Rannos, human, fighter, level 6, CN, Bob LaForge

Sir Ostler, human, cleric, level 5, LN, Joe Fryer

Isaac, human, cleric, level 3, LG, Andrew Smith




Yeb 15th

Attending upon Bishop Lucius in Baltburg, Sir Ostler overheard an argument between him and Abbot Marco about the presence of Druids among the wood elves of the Old Wood.  Lucius reluctantly agreed that any druids present there must be dealt with, so he urged Sir Ostler to scout out the forest to see if there were indeed druids there to begin with.  Sir Ostler returned to Fort Blacksword to consult his fellows.


Yeb 17th

In the monastery, the Abbot, feeling that the Bishop was only lukewarm in his righteous zeal, summoned a canon-brother named Isaac, the brother of a famous lost hero of Bor, and ordered him to be released from his vow of silence, equipped and sent off to rouse a righteous crusade to obliterate the druidic heretics in the forest.


Yeb 19th

Isaac arrives in Ludwig in time for boiled egg night. 


Yeb the 20th

Isaac arrives at Fort Blacksword and confers with Sir Ostler, the two decide that they should scout the woods for druids.  Later in the evening, Garl the half-orc rushes in to Whitefire’s blockhouse shouting that he saw Bayne in trouble at the base of the fort.  Whitefire sent Garl to fetch the others while he went to help Bayne.  While Whitefire sent the half-orc assailants who were attacking Bayne fleeing by blasting them with a fireball, he soon noticed that “Bayne” was not Bayne at all!  So, he turned invisible and hid.  Meanwhile the other members of the party come storming out of the fort building into a magic mist.  A short combat ends with 2 Feaster cultists dead, and the rest of the attackers fleeing back into the night.


Yeb the 21st

Garl and Rannos set off toward Ludwig to buy some supplies and a saddle (so Isaac could then ride on Kronin’s spare horse).  On the way, they are stopped by a party of 14 bandits.  The bandits are slaughtered in short order, although Garl takes a few wounds in the process.  Instead of buying the supplies and coming right back, Garl and Rannos had a big drinking party at Ludwig and stayed the night.  They decide to buy a spare horse too.


Yeb the 22nd

On the way back to Blacksword, Rannos and Garl are caught in a big snowstorm.  Luckily, Garl’s wilderness craft keeps them from becoming lost, but Garl's warhorse dies after slipping in the snow and breaking a leg.


Yeb 23rd-24th

The entire party is snowed in at the Fort.


Yeb 25th

The whole crew, leaving the fort empty, moves into the forest and discover a lair containing 6 owl bears.  After a short battle the owl bears are all killed with only moderate wounds to the party.  In their cave the party finds some treasure and two owl bear eggs.  In order to restore their spell power, the party returns to the fort for the night.


Yeb 26th

Early in the morning, the party sets out again for the forest.  On a trail deep in the woods, they are stopped by an apparently lone wood-elf druid.  He tells them that they are trespassing on the lands of the Green Happy Clan and that they must depart.  Sir Ostler tries to throw a spell on the druid, but is shot by an arrow from a hidden archer and is foiled.  The party’s axe men then sweep forward and slay the druid and two of his four wolf companions.  One of the elf archers is wounded, but all six escape.   Sir Ostler insists on keeping the body of the dead druid as a trophy.

Hearing the sounds of a mustering force, the party flees back to the owl bear cave and set up a defended position at its mouth, with their horses deep inside.  They wait an hour or so until the elves arrive for an attack.  This incidentally gives the band of half-orcs and Feaster cultists who had attempted to force their way into Fort Blacksword on the 20th, and who had the fort under watch for quite some time, the time they needed to enter and secure the fort for themselves. 

The party in the owl bear cave is attacked by a force of 1 senior druid, three junior druids, 8 soldiers and 9 foresters all from the Green Happy Clan of wood elves.   A charm spell keeps Rannos out of the action for a round or two, and some warp wood spells render Kronin’s and Rannos’ axes useless.  More seriously a Flame Strike spell by the senior druid causes significant wounds to all the party members except Isaac.  Sir Ostler is burned so badly that he passes out.  Garl in his rage does battle with some elf soldiers as do Rannos (eventually) and Kronin (although they need to use back-up weapons).  A web spell by Whitefire is dispelled by the senior druid and several wild dogs are magically summoned by the druids to little effect.  At last when Whitefire’s fireball crumples the left flank of the elves and Kronin and Rannos finish the elf soldiers, the tide turns.  The junior druids are engaged in combat and are all killed, Isaac killing one himself.  The senior druid and 4 of the foresters however escape to the woods.

Returning to Fort Blacksword, the party discovers the banner of the Unholy Feaster flying over it.  Unwilling to assault it due to wounds and depleted spell power, the party rides off to Ludwig, vowing to swiftly return and recapture their home.