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Session/Game:             Marches 3e #12                               Date: 2/4/01


Campaign Date: Yeb27-30th   Imperial Year 469



Kronin, dwarf, fighter, level 8, LN  Dave Hanley

Whitefire, human rogue-1/ wizard-7, CN Charles Fleurie

            Garl  half-orc, barbarian, level 5, CN  cohort

Rannos, human, fighter, level 7, CN, Bob LaForge

            Melvin of Stinktown, human, lackey, commoner-1, N, hireling

Sir Ostler, human, cleric, level 5, LN, Joe Fryer

Isaac, human, cleric, level 4, LG, Andrew Smith

Ragnar, human, rogue, level 7, CG, Shaun Sipple



Yeb 27th

Party arrives in Baltburg


Yeb 28th

After Ostler, Isaac and Kronin meet with Bishop Lucius, they decide to arrest the elf Yarumak who had spread the word that they had “murdered innocent elves”.  The bishop issued them a warrant to arrest him on suspicion of heresy.  Meanwhile, Rannos went to Tobar’s and hired a lackey (Melvin of Stinktown) to help carry his weaponry. 

            The entire party except for Whitefire, who was off being terribly mysterious, met at Ragnar’s store in the merchant district and decided to track down Yarumak through his friend Horatio Falkenstein the bard.  They found Falkenstein at the Grey Mountains Inn and eventually he revealed that Yarumak was likely in Stinktown selling hides to the tanners.  Kronin met the owner of the Inn, a fellow-dwarf named Furgar, and he offered Kronin a discount and help if he needed it.   They hurried to Stinktown and arrested Yarumak without incident.

            After Yarumak’s quick hearing and the public revelation of the wood elves’ backsliding into Druidic heresy, the party decided to make plans for the re-capture of Fort Blacksword.


Yeb 29th

            Party is joined by Whitefire and Garl and travels to Ludwig.


Yeb 30th

            The party reaches Fort Blacksword after dark and attacks the blockhouse.  Several party members are injured by alchemist fire attacks, but the blockhouse falls in short order.   The fort, however, is alerted and shuts down tight.  Whitefire turns invisible and peers into an arrow slit.  He summons a Dretch demon who terrifies the half-orc defenders on the first floor and who opens the iron inner gate for the party.  Whitefire also summons up a fiendish dire ape who rips up several half orcs.  The party crashes in and captures the first floor, and Ragnar scouts out the basement, finding it empty.  Rushing upstairs the party fights the last of the defenders, 2 orc barbarians, 6 feaster cultists, a troll and the leader Tlag, a half-orc rogue-sorcerer.  Garl suffers greatly under the axes of the barbarians, but survives.   Rannos’ shows the two barbarians just who really has “the great axe” and they are slain.  Kronin shows incredible combat skill resisting the power of the evil troll bodyguard whom he defeats suffering only the slightest of injuries.  All the lesser forces are finally killed, and a magic assault from Whitefire brings Tlag’s career of infamy to its final end.  Fort Blacksword is once again in the hands of our heroes (although there is some question of who was going to get the troll-head, until Rannos permanently left his mark on that particular trophy).