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Session/Game: Marches 3e #14                                                  Date:3/4/01


Campaign Date:



Kronin, dwarf, fighter, level 8, LN  Dave Hanley

Whitefire, human rogue-1/ wizard-7, CN Charles Fleurie

            Garl  half-orc, barbarian, level 5, CN  cohort

            Louis the Herald, human, expert, level 1 N, follower

            The Amazing Dorgo, gnome, expert, level 1, N, follower

            Big Stan and Frank, human, warriors, level 1, N, follower

            Sven, human, warrior, level 1, CN, follower

            Tronk, half-orc, warrior, level 1, CN, follower

Rannos, human, fighter, level 8, CG, Bob LaForge

            Melvin of Stinktown, human, lackey, commoner-1, N, hireling

Lady Adia Clearbreeze, high-elf, aristocrat-1/sorcerer-4, CG, Andrew Smith

            Sir Bador High-Oak, high elf, fighter, level 4, LN, cohort (sort of)



Wap 5th

Ostler, Kronin, Rannos, Ragnar, Whitefire, Garl and Melvin leave the Seer’s Tower and ride back to Dillsburg.  At Dillsburg, Sir Ostler and Ragnar leave the party, riding to the south toward Baltburg to take Isaac’s body to the monastery for burial.

Wap 6th

Kronin, Rannos, Whitefire, Garl and Melvin ride to Castle Eagle and discuss the meaning of the Seer’s prophecy with the Count and Bishop.  There they also meet Squire Rosco Portlins, the halfling Master of Stormburg, and Lady Adia Cleerbreeze, the heir to the Elfwind Barony.  Adia was accompanied by her bodyguard Sir Bador High-Oak, who had been defeated in the joust by Sir Rannos.   From the details of the Seer’s prophecy they realized that the isolation of Elfwind was connected to the Feaster cult, and also that Ludwig and Fort Blacksword were in imminent danger from the Feaster/Druid alliance.  Lady Adia asked to accompany Whitefire south and was seeking his help to break the encirclement of the Barony.  Whitefire begrudgingly gave permission for her to tag along, but made no promises of help.

Wap 7th

            When Sir Rannos arouse, he was approached by Squire Rosco who asked that he and his train of expert halfling epic-dancers could travel under his protection at least as far as Stormburg.  Sir Rannos agreed, much to the annoyance of Whitefire.  Kronin bought a wagon so the halflings would slow the party to a complete crawl.  Whitefire completely ignored Portlins’ call for a march order based on noble precedence, much to the squire’s horror. Sir Rannos was a big hit with the halflings, on the other hand.  By the end of the day, Portlins had imitated Rannos into the fine appreciation of Six Legs on a Goat, festering cheese-like dairy product.  The party spent the night in Dillsburg.


Wap 8th

            After dropping the halflings off at Stormburg, and enjoying their fine interpretive dance in honor of Sir Rannos, the party reached Old Fort and spent the night.  Kronin sold off his halfling wagon.


Wap 9th

            Rushing down the road, the party spotted an ambush set by a Hill Giant and 5 ogres along the main road.  They killed the giant and 2 ogres; Adia’s fear spell drove off the remaining 3 ogres.

            Reaching Ludwig about 5:00, they saw that it was under attack by the forces of the Feaster Cult and the Green Happy Elves.  The High Priest of the Feaster was there with two acolytes, 9 skull legion guards, 20 elite orc shock troops and a contingent of 15 wood elves, led by a sorcerer and a druid.  Adia drove off 15 of the orcs with a fear spell, Whitefire wounded the priests and guards with a fireball, killing 4 of them, Sir Rannos road down 5 wood elves with one cleaving stroke, and Sir Bador killed the elf sorcerer.  Then things got bogged down.  Garl was paralyzed by a hold spell and scorched by flame strike; Kronin was only slowly inflicting wounds on the skull-guards.  The Master of Ludwig rode out in person to help attack the orcs but had only limited success at first.  Whitefire blinded the acolytes and some of the skull-guards with a spell, and Adia scared off 1-2 more skull guards.  The High Priest summoned up a fiendish dire ape, which critically wounded Whitefire (but not before he wounded the ape and the High Priest with a lightning bolt) and then killed Garl stone dead, just after he recovered from the hold spell.  Both the Master of Ludwig and Kronin were paralyzed by hold spells, and Rannos and Bador were trapped in a druidic entangle spell.  Ludwig’s daughter and his last few soldiers sallied forth from the walls and returned their master to safety, but one of the soldiers was torn apart by the fiendish ape. Luckily, Rannos and Bador escaped form the entanglement as Adia drove off the last of the wood elves.  Both Sir Rannos and Sir Bador lanced the evil priest for massive damage just as the orc strike team returned from their magic-induced flight.  Although the Feasters were in a strong position on the field, the High Priest himself was nearly dead, so he ordered his Ape and the orcs to surround him and they withdrew form Ludwig.  The party saved Kronin and Whitefire and entered Ludwig safely.

            After taking a few minutes to take some potions and bury Garl, the party raced off to the north toward Fort Blacksword to rescue the fort and Whitefire’s followers who were defending it. The fort was attacked by 15 common orcs, led by a half-orc feaster-priest, and 6 wood elves led by two druids. The followers were doing a fair job of holding the fort.  Sven, Big Stan, Tronk and Frank killed two summoned wolves that the elf druids caused to appear inside the fort and Louis and Dorgo used alchemist fire to kill 3 orcs and several tanglefoot bags to trap the entire orc battering party inside the main entrance passage.  Just then the adventurers arrived home and fell on the attackers from the rear.  They killed 5 of the elves and both druids, and with help of a web spell form Whitefire, took one elf and 12 orcs prisoner.