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Session/Game: Marches 3e #16                        Date: April 1, 2001


Campaign Date: Wap 15th—Wap 23rd  Imperial Year 469



Kronin, dwarf, fighter, level 10, LN  Dave Hanley

            Saurjack, dwarf, warrior-1, N, hireling

Whitefire, human rogue-1/ wizard-9, CN Charles Fleurie

            Brother Frankie, cleric level 4, LN, cohort

Rannos, human fighter, level 9, CG, Bob LaForge

            Melvin of Stinktown, human, lackey, commoner-1, N, hireling

Ragnar, human rogue level 9, CG Shaun Sipple

Lady Adia Clearbreeze, high-elf, aristocrat-1/sorcerer-5, NG, Andrew Smith

            Sir Bador High-Oak, high elf, fighter, level 4, LN, cohort

            Hickey, high-elf, warrior-1, CG, follower

            Fell, high elf, warrior-1, CG, follower



Wap 15th

Adia and Sir Bador are traveling over the Dry Hills back to her father’s barony when they spot Giles, the Imperial Borderer, running for his life from a band of angry kobolds.  Adia and Bador manage to save Giles and they beat a hasty retreat back to Ludwig.   Giles reveals that he had been captured by the Feaster Cult but had escaped.  The High Priest of the Feaster had drawn off all of the orcs and hobgoblins from the Dry Hills for some great work of evil in the old ruins south of Ludwig and only kobolds were left to guard the Dry Hills.


Wap 16th

            Rannos, Kronin, Mr. Fabulous and Ragnar arrive at Old Fort, on their way back from their adventure at Heathton.  Whitefire had mysteriously disappeared.  Sir Rannos was approached by Melchet, Count Edmund’s new herald.  Melchet delivered the formal summons for Whitefire to aid the Count in defensive war as soon as possible and Sir Rannos accepted the summons in Whitefire’s name.  Meanwhile Adia and Bador send a message off toward Fort Blacksword about the danger from the Feasters in the Wasteland.  Mr. Fabulous decides that this area is a little too hot for him and he rides off toward Baltburg.


Wap 17th

            Ragnar, Rannos and Kronin arrive at Fort Blacksword and receive Adia’s message.  Mr. Fabulous arrives at Ludwig where he and Adia have a lovely evening discussing the burdens of nobility.


Wap 18th

            Kronin and Ragnar ride to Baltburg for supplies.  Kronin hires a dwarven spear-carrier named Saurjack (noted for his pungent breath).  Rannos rides to Ludwig and has a strained conversation with Lady Adia, but both decide that the Feaster menace is more important than the northern war.


Wap 19th

            Ragnar, Kronin and Rannos all return to Blacksword and agree to move against the Feasters.


Wap 20th

            Ragnar, Kronin, Saurjack, Rannos and Melvin all ride to Ludwig and join up with Adia, Bador and two of Adia’s country-men Hickey Bug-eyes and Fell the Leaf-collector who have attached themselves to her service.


Wap the 21st

            The entire party rides to the wasteland ruins where they find an army of orcs and hobgoblins chanting and drumming around the great vortex.  Ragnar attempts to spy on them but is spotted and chased by 30 orc Dirtbags all the way to the edge of the nearby woods, where the rest of the party was hidden.  The party (mostly Rannos) kills the entire band of dirtbags quickly and horribly.   They then pass to the ancient obelisk on the hill nearby.  Here Adia deciphers the ancient inscriptions and finds that something called “The Son of the Feaster” lays trapped by spells under the ground nearby, imprisoned by the elf lord Highgrove in ancient times.   They then determine to enter the old fort of the half-demon Grudgore, whom they had slain in earlier months, and pass into the caverns beneath the stables.

            Lady Adia, magically disguised as an orc, gained access to the fort and Ragnar sneaked in.  They soon slew the 5 orcs left to guard it, with some help of Rannos, I believe.  At this point Whitefire very mysteriously reappeared after his nearly weeklong mysterious disappearance. Leaving Melvin, Hickey, Fell and Saurjack behind to guard the horses, Master Whitefire, Sir Rannos, Ragnar, Sir Bador, Lady Adia, Kronin and Brother Frankie passed into the tunnels under the ruins.

            They fought off a handful of ghouls, although Ragnar was temporarily paralyzed by them.  Then they discovered a magically warded cave that contained the Spawn of the Feaster, a huge gibbering monstrosity that spat forth the undead and gibbering mouthers.   After calculating they had a better chance against the Feaster-Spawn and his undead minions than against the 1000 orcs in the plain above, they decided to attack.  It was a stiff battle for the Feaster had 20 skeletons, 10 giant skeletons and 6 ghouls, and during the battle spat forth 4 gibbering mouthers, 1 Huge ghastly Rat and 6 more ghouls.  The Feasterspawn devoured 2 Fiendish Dire apes Whitefire had summoned, and its mad droning caused Sir Bador and Kronin to go mad and begin to feast upon their own flesh.  But, after being weakened by magic and blows, Sir Rannos’ mighty arm finally destroyed the son of the Feaster forever.   They adventurers took 20 solid gold skulls (5 pounds each) as booty and retreated to their horses and sped away.

            The Feaster-army was dismayed when the vortex through which they were summoning up the Feaster Spawn vanished. The orc horde broke up and the majority streamed back to the Dry Hills.  The High Priest of the Cult, Furcifer the Appalling, was both bewildered and enraged at his third great failure.  His fellow priests in attendance were also dismayed at the failure of their hideous god following so soon after the fall of Lord Appetite.


Wap 22nd

            The party arrives at Ludwig at 4:00 am and rest the entire day there.  Melvin transports the treasure to Blacksword and returns.


Wap 23rd

            The entire party travels to Old Fort on their way to answer the Count’s summons.  At Old Fort they find the place crammed with refugees (including many epic halfling dancers) and that Sir Malcolm had taken half of the village militia north to aid the Count.  It seems that West Tower had fallen to the forces of “The Bloody Bear” on the 20th and the Count himself was defeated in battle on the 21st and had fallen back to Center Tower, calling every last help he could.