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Session/Game: Marches 3e #18                                                            Date: April 29, 2001


Campaign Date: Wap 29th—Vay 9th  Imperial Year 469



Kronin, dwarf, fighter-10/ dwarven defender-1, LG  Dave Hanley

            Saurjack, dwarf, warrior-1, N, hireling

Whitefire, human rogue-1/ wizard-9, CN Charles Fleurie

            Brother Frankie, cleric level 5, LN, cohort

            Louis the herald, expert, level 1, N, follower

Sir Rannos, human fighter, level 10, CG, Bob LaForge

            Melvin of Stinktown, human, lackey, commoner-1, N, hireling

Ragnar, human rogue level 10, CG Shaun Sipple

Lady Adia Clearbreeze, high-elf, aristocrat-1/sorcerer-6, NG, Andrew Smith

Hickey, high-elf, warrior-1, CG, follower

            Fell, high elf, warrior-1, CG, follower

Sir Ostler, human, cleric, LN, level 8, Joe Fryar

Sarissa Lin, human, monk, LN, level 7, Charles Tillinghast



Wap 29th

The party entered White Chapel Abbey and had several discussions with Bishop Dumbric.  Sir Ostler handed over the entire booty of the fight with the “Followers of the Suffering Dwarf” and in return the bishop called for Sir Egbert, a visiting paladin of Sir Ostler’s order, who handed him the Sword of Sir Malcolm the Old, a blade which was revealed to be necessary for the downfall of Horgo, the Hell-bear.    Sarissa expressed the desire to convert to the light of Bor and the bishop instructed her to join the Green monks at her convenience.  The bishop made an attempt to raise Dundarr from the dead, but his body was too thoroughly chewed for the bishop’s power to revive.  Kronin helped nurse the broken Kurdich back to health, and Kurdich revealed to him the first secrets of the dwarven defender. 


Wap 30th 

            At mid-morning Count Edmund arrived with his knights and horsemen and Sir Richard Stercorius, fresh from the victory at East Tower.  The Count proposed to move his army against the “Bloody Bear” Tribe while Whitefire and all his companions sought to destroy Horgo the Hell-bear.  As a reward and incentive, Edmund granted Sir Rannos the vacant fief of West Tower in exchange for the service of 1 knight, 10 footmen (60 days each per year) and 600 gp.  The bishop and his clerks drew up the necessary papers.


Vay 1st

            The army and the adventurers advanced towards West Tower.  At about noon, Horgo the Hell-bear, a fiendish half-fiend/half-dire bear with wings flew down and gobbled up Count Edmund, causing the infantry to flee in terror and causing the famous bard Horatio Falkenstein to suffer hosal befoulment.   The party rushes over to where the knights were gathered and found Sir Richard having a fit about the unmanly treachery of the fleeing footmen.  Various arguments ensued which culminated in Sir Richard striking Sir Rannos and issuing a challenge to a duel.  Sir Richard took the knights to hunt down the fleeing footmen over the objections of the party, Sir Ostler even demanding that Sir Richard return within the hour.

            The adventurers advanced towards West Tower and found that Horgo was perched on top of the tower itself, while the tribe of Bugbears were all about underneath.  The party decided to move up along the cliff side below the tower, hoping to avoid the bugbears and lure Horgo out alone.  In this they were successful.  Horgo swooped down and slew Fell, the elf soldier, instantly and began to tear the others up.  Nevertheless, the crushing blows of Rannos, Ostler and Kronin succeeded in killing the great bear at last.  They were helped by Sarissa who leaped onto the back of Horgo and removed its magic bear collar of deflection.  The Hell-bear having been defeated, the party attacked the bugbear tribe directly.   Sir Rannos killed the bugbear warlord. Sir Ostler immobilized one of their sorcerers, and Sarissa climbed the gatehouse and slew the other.  Whitefire and Adia’s fireballs weakened or killed all of the ordinary bugbears.  Kronin was surrounded by 10 of the bugbear elite shock troops whom he (along with the invisible back-stabbing Ragnar) killed.


Vay 2nd

            The party, except for Kronin, Adia and Hickey, return to the abbey after Ostler discovers by magic sending to the bishop that Sir Richard has stolen a march and plans to name himself regent over the county in the name of Count Edmund’s 5-year-old son Robert.  When they arrive at the Abbey, they find the bodies of 4 footmen hanging from a tree with placards saying “cowards” pinned to them.  After long talk with Bishop Dumbric, they decided to proceed to Center Tower and consult Louis the Herald, Whitefire’s follower whom they had left there.  They also summon Kronin and Lady Adia to join them.


Vay 3rd

            At Center Tower they have a long discussion.  Sir Rannos is angered that he may not fight Sir Richard in single combat, as Sir Richard is the regent and so Rannos’ nominal overlord.  Whitefire and Rannos consider renouncing their titles to their fiefdoms and leaving the county to Sir Richard’s pleasure.    Finally, they realize, with advice from Louis, that Count Edmund’s wife, Countess Flavia, could be considered a candidate for the regency in opposition to Sir Richard’s claim.  They decide to travel to Castle Eagle and release young Robert and Countess Flavia from Sir Richard’s, dare I say, clutches.


Vay 4th

            Kronin and Adia arrive at Center tower where the rest are resting and planning.


Vay 5th

            The entire party rides to Castle Eagle and is received by Sir Richard.  He is on his best behavior, because Sir Raynard, who controls a large force of men at East Tower, is present.  Sir Richard explains that the Countess and Robert are too consumed with grief to have any visitors other than Old Friar Larry.  And they are looked away in the citadel where no one may disturb them.

            After questioning Old Friar Larry, the party decides that they can easy rescue the countess, but it would be better to wait until morning, after making a show of departure.


Vay 6th

            Whitefire uses clairvoyance, invisibility, and dimension door spells to gain access to the prisoners and teleport them to safety, whence they all ride away quickly to Center Tower.


Vay 7th-8th

            The countess raises her banner at Center Tower and loyal forces begin to congregate.


Vay 9th

            The countess, her forces, and the adventurers return to Castle Eagle where the Countess demands that Sir Richard hand over the castle and depart, or else face destruction.  He agrees and withdraws his troops from the castle.  Once outside, Sir Rannos reminds the dastard about their suspended duel.  They fight the duel on foot, but Sir Richard is soon reduced to pathetic pleadings for his life, which Sir Rannos grants on condition of Sir Richard licking his boots.

The countess gladly grants Whitefire’s request to be knighted and for an increase in his territory to a 3 mile by 3 mile portion.  Sir Rannos prepares to take up residence in West Tower.