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Session/Game: Marches 3e #19                        Date: May 13, 2001


Campaign Date:  Sau 11 – Sau 23, Imperial Year 469



Kronin, dwarf, fighter-10/ dwarven defender-1, LG  Dave Hanley

Angus “Mr Fabulous” McNasty, gnome, illusionist-7, CN Dave Nelson

Sarissa Lin, human, monk, level 7, LN, Charles Tillinghast



Sau 11th

Sarissa and Kronin arrive at the party and are introduced into the receiving line.  As king of all gnomes, Mr. Fabulous gets his introduction last because he is the highest-ranking noble in the entire party.  The adventurers met several interesting people there including Baron Aedris of Elfwind, Sir Mackey the Boastful of Elfwind, and Count Broderick of Mant.  Count Broderick spent considerable time with Sarissa discussing the role of Sir Richard of Goldhaft’s role in the shift of power in the County of Storm Eagle.  The count agreed with Sarissa that Richard should not have taken advantage of the situation, although he was skeptical that Sarissa could “make that dick pay for what he did to those men”.  Count Broderick ended the conversation promising to bend the senior Count of Goldhaft’s ear on Storm Eagle’s behalf.  After a wonderful banquet of elven masterpiece dishes, the waltzmaster Sir Francis Lightfisk got the dancing started.  Although Sarissa and Kronin were loathe to perform any steps, many of the revelers said that the lady Adia and her partner Angus McNasty made for a dynamic and graceful couple on the dance floor.


Sau 12-Sau14

The party crosses the wastes back to Blacksword.  There are no encounters.


Sau 15

The heroes arrive at their home, only to be stopped along the way by an odd, hevily armored halfling.  After some explanations, the characters find that Blacksword has been “commandeered” by an officer of the church of Bor.  Mother Superior Gleeza had arrived at Whitefire’s manor two days before and had made a couple of changes since the master was gone.  She removed all of Whitefire’s belongings to the basement of the main house in order to make room for her own belongings, destroyed all of Dorgo’s alchemical equipment (alchemy is the work of the crawling death – abomination!), and allowed her halflings indulge their seemingly endless appetites on Blacksword’s pantry.  (Note to Chuck:  be sure to spend another 25gp on this month to buy more supplies).  Mother Gleeza explains that she brings a deed to some land in the old wood for a monastery of St. Hugo if only the druids of the wood can be tamed.  She explains that the charter would go to Sir Ostler once the residents of that wood could be brought under Bor’s wing.  She also offered 500 gold lions to all those who helped bring the heathens of the wood to justice.  The heroes accept and go to sleep. 


That evening, the party witnesses first hand the appetites of the halflings.  They eat just about everything in sight.  However, of the six there are five who are rude, obnoxious, and haughty and one who sets himself apart from the rest.  The others taunt and tease this loner in subtle but cruel ways at every opportunity.  “Accidentaly” tripping him, throwing carrots at him at dinner, and stealing his clean underwear at every opportunity.  Angus plays a joke on the five cruel halflings in order to steal their cupcakes and iced pastries, which started a series of practical jokes and illusionist tricks that caused the halflings to suffer stained surcoats, problems sitting, long bouts of diarehhea, and severe beatings at the hands of Sarissa Lin.   


In the night, Kronin is visited by a quiet stranger in ceremonial battle armor that bears the insignia of Bor.  The quiet stranger defeats Kronin, but rather than let him die he instead awakes Sarissa and vanishes without a trace just as he had arrived.    Kronin is restored to full health by Mother Gleeza in the middle of the night.


Sau 16

The party rests for a day before entering the old wood.


Sau 17

 The heroes leave for the old wood, but just as they set foot inside the forest they are stopped by the druid of Heathton.  She gives herself up in order to keep the heroes from entering the wood.  Her reasoning is that the druids of the wood have prepared traps and ambushes that they cannot defeat and she needs the heroes to look after “her people” who settled in Blacksword from Heathton.  The druid is taken into custody by the six halflings.


Later that evening, Angus frees the druid by giving the druid some potions of invisibility, distracting the halflings with a giant cupcake illusion, and ushering the druid of Heathton to safety.  The halflings are reprimanded by Mother Gleeza in front of the heroes for their incompitence.


Sau 18 – Sau 23

The heroes grow tired of Mother Superior Gleeza’s constant attempts to coerce them to drive the druids from the forest.  After all, one of these druids helped to save their life in Heathton once and they don’t have anything personal against them.  The heroes demand more gold for the work of clearing out these heathens.  Kronin meets with the druid several times, trying to arrange a way to get the druidic members of the Happy Green Clan to safety before Mother Gleeza burns the entire forest to the ground.  After a time, the druid does not return.


Sau 23 

The heroes are given their gold, “in advance” of going into the forest as they demanded.  Just inside the forest, the heroes understand why the druid of Heathton did not return.  Her body is found nailed to a tree.  Apparently, the Green Happy Clan not only thought that they could crush the heroes, but they took the Heathton druid’s messages as a sign the heroes of Blacksword were weak.  The adventureres pressed on.


The first ambush the adventurers reached only gave a token resistance.  The heroes chopped down a most unique tree, and as the timber fell to the ground the sky began to darken with clouds and rain began to threaten.  Several elves were captured from this ambush and were taken back to Blacksword to be held for trial from Bor’s inquisition.


The second ambush was more organized, and gave the heroes much more trouble.   An entangle spell, as well as a chlorine gas arrow managed to either blind or immobilize much of the party, with the notable exception of Sarissa Lin.  Sarissa looked like a whirlwind of fists and kicks as she wailed the tar from most of the elves in the area.  Many of the elves escaped, including the sorcerer and the low druid, but the high druid and her black dryad companion were made to suffer at the hands of Kronin’s bow and Angus’ magic missiles.


The third ambush was very odd.  Instead of waiting for the heroes, the elves seemed to rush past them.  As a matter of fact, they seemed not to worry much at all about the heroes cutting thick swaths through these people who had just gotten the better of the heroes not 20 minutes before.  It was only after hearing timbers snap and more chlorine gas that the heroes understood what was going on.  Apparently, the elves had invaded a green dragon’s lair in order to get the chlorine gas in order to make their blinding arrows.   In retaliation for tresspassing, the green dragon was giving them more of it.  Elves were liquidated by the dragon’s acid breath weapon and the characters beat feet as fast as they could to avoid the dragon.  Many of the halfling fighters were killed by the fierce dragon in their attempt to flee.


Sau 24

The situation grows more grim within the wood.  The few refugees who have managed to escape their home say that the dragon is terrorizing the entire wood.  The elves now welcome any sort of help they can get from the minions of Bor in order to help reclaim their homeland.  The heroes have sent word to Sir Rannos to aid them in the dragon slaying, and they await Master Whitefire’s return eagerly.