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Session/Game:             Marches 3e #22                                           Date:6/24/01


Campaign Date: Quoct 9th=Quoct 14th  469 IY



Kronin, dwarf, fighter-10/ dwarven defender-2, LG  Dave Hanley

Sarissa Lin, human, monk, level 9, LN, Charles Tillinghast

Gabriel Leadfoot, halfling rogue 6/ ranger-1, NG, Mike Miller

Sir Whitefire, human rogue-1/ wizard-10, CN Charles Fleurie

            Brother Frankie, cleric level 5, LN, cohort

Sir Rannos, human fighter, level 11, CG, Bob LaForge

Sir Ostler, human, cleric, LN, level 9, Joe Fryar

Galliard, human barbarian-2/bard-5, CG, Andrew Smith



Quoct 9th

After leaving the audience with Archbishop Daas, the party split up.  Mr. Fabulous said he was getting tired of looking at the other party members and went off to have some fun.  Sarissa Lin went to the Monastery of St. Mirabel south of the river and met Archimandrite Erlik.  The rest of the party made some appointments at the Wizard Academy and then checked into the swanky Silver Goblet Inn near the West Gate. 

In the monastery, Sarissa talked to Erlik and he counseled that she first use the money she was going to donate to the church and use it to help the families of Sir Richard’s victims, and then she could worry about bringing Richard to justice.  The rest of the party had a fantastic “Ludwig-Style” meal in the Silver goblet and heard the song stylings of the half-elven bard Oberon.  Then they decided to go out for a drink.

What followed was a series of misadventures and brawls, all involving saving a giant talking porcupine named Old Spiny, and his treasure-map, from a gang of cut-throats called the Hand of the Monkey.  Among other notable things, Sarissa was badly cut-up by one of the gangsters named Black Dugal,  Gabriel crawled around in a cesspit at the Randy Carrot Inn to find the treasure map, and the Hand of the Monkey were convinced to yield to the party’s power (although they are all still very much alive).  The party was joined by a barbarian bard named Galliard who had been scraping out a living in Weston telling fortunes, he had a dream that he was to find a great talking porcupine and so fell in with the group.   Among them, the party paid Old Spiny the 500gp for his treasure map (although Gabriel paid the vast bulk of it) and Old Spiny left town for more settled places.   The map seemed to point to a place beneath the monastery of St. Mirabel, and was noted as the “Pit of Madness and Despair”


Quoct 10th

            Some of the party members met with Archimandrite Erlik to ask about the Pit of Madness and Despair.  Erlik said they did have such a pit in the basement, but that only members of the order could enter the monastery grounds.  He agreed to make them probationary initiates, to skirt the rule, but only if each of them did some good thing to improve the life of a poor citizen.

            Kronin met with the wizard Ilbor who agreed to enchant his armor and axe, for the standard guild rate.  Whitefire teleported home to do some magic work.


Quoct 11th

            Many of the party members bought some things at the weekly Wizard Academy public sale.  Brother Frankie and Sir Ostler healed the sick at the transient camp.  Whitefire established the Whitefire Charitable Fund through the Church of Bor.  Sarissa and Gabriel had a public barbeque for the poor.  Sir Rannos redeemed a townswoman from a life of sin and depravity, sent her back to West Tower to help run the house.  Sir Rannos also met his former jousting rival Sir Ulfric.


Quoct 12th

            Whitefire meets Guildmaster Perseus at the Wizard Academy and joins the Weston wizard’s guild.  Ostler spends a day in devout prayer at the cathedral. Kronin finds a destitute beggar named Gridley, cleans him up and gives him a job as his dogsbody.


Quoct 13th

            Kronin picks up his enchanted items from Ilbor.  Ostler heals the sick again and feeds the poor.


Quoct 14th

            The party assembles and travels to the monastery.  The Archimandrite is pleased by their good deeds (except for Galliard’s feeble excuse for one) and agrees to let them all go to the Pit.  Galliard quickly writes a hymn to Bor and so is also allowed to proceed.  Once in the pit they are whisked away through swirling gray tunnel to another blue-walled pit where they are viscously attacked by 16 Rasts (horrible floating heads with long evil legs).  They slay the Rasts although many are weakened by the loss of blood caused by the Rasts’ blood-sucking and proceed down a tunnel.  There they find three Red Slaad guarding the way.  The slaad are swiftly slain although one pounced upon Sarissa are caused some wounds.  The rest is a tale for another day…to be continued.