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Session/Game: Marches 3e #25                                                            Date: 8/19/01


Campaign Date: Quoct 15—22  IY 469



Kronin, dwarf, fighter-10/ dwarven defender-2, LG  Dave Hanley

Sir Rannos, human fighter, CG, level 13, Bob LaForge

            Scagnetti, human, sorcerer, level 8, CG, cohort

Sarissa Lin, human, monk, level 9, LN, Charles Tillinghast

Gabriel Leadfoot, halfling rogue 6/ ranger-1, NG, Mike Miller

Sir Whitefire, human rogue-1/ wizard-11, CN Charles Fleurie

            Brother Frankie, cleric level 5, LN, cohort

Sir Ostler, human, cleric, LN, level 10, Joe Fryar

Galliard, human barbarian-2/bard-5, CG, Andrew Smith



Quoct 15

Having fled in terror back to the dwarven mines, the party vowed revenge.  They consulted with Tharken, recruited him, 20 dwarven warriors and Theobald the dwarf priest to strike against the Black Plague.  They decided to go to Gnome-Town and recruit extra help there.


Quoct 16

Party rests at dwarf mine.


Quoct 17

Party travels to Gnome town, killing a party of 14 Crapmeister Orc warriors along the way.


Quoct 18

Party is admitted to Gnome town.  At the trading post, Galliard is caught stealing by the owner, Beavo McNasty, who threatens to sic Grundor, the world’s largest Gnome, on him if he doesn’t pay up.  Beavo sells Rannos a “magic chicken foot of invincibility”—full refund if he is ever beaten in battle. Galliard later convinces Grundor to come work for the party instead of Beavo. The party has dinner (a lovely roasted porcupine) at the Travelers’ Inn, run by Stan McNasty.  At dinner, Sir Rannos meets the charming sorcerer Scagnetti, who agrees to sign on to Rannos’ service. Stan’s table-punk  “Stupid Ernie” leads Kronin, Ostler, Whitefire and Galliard to a meeting with the chief of Gnome-town, Grandwic McNasty, king of all the Gnomes (provisional).  Grandwic, burning for revenge against the Black Plague army, who ate many of his townsfolk, lends the party 6 gnome warriors and Gubbo O’Ratso, a sorcerer, for the quest.


Quoct 19

Party rests, Whitefire scribes a scroll into his book.  Ostler discovers by divination that the Black Plague is located at the dwarven Gorge Fort.


Quoct 20th

The party and their horde of stumpy allies march to the vicinity of the Gorge Fort.


Quoct 21st

The crusading force prepares a massive assault on the fort, well-buttressed by magic.  Sir Ostler begins by launching an Insect Plague spell against the fort.  Unfortunately, they had forgotten the spell-reflecting power of Lord Strydor’s shield, and the insect plague was reflected back onto Ostler.  The party’s attack was thrown into complete disarray, with the gnomes and dwarves fleeing in various directions.  After rallying the forces, the party camped for the night.


Quoct 22nd

The party begins their assault anew, this time with more luck.   Gabriel and Sarissa achieve the gatehouse invisibly.  When the attackers are close enough they kill or drive off the Mouse-Easter orcs guarding it.  Gabriel opens the portcullis to allow Rannos to enter.  Unfortunately, he failed to lock or secure it and the gate crashed down onto Rannos as he entered, causing some minor damage.  Ostler engaged several orcs and bugbears using transformed gigantic praying mantises and used Stone Shape to open a breech in the wall.  The centaur-wizard Feclar closed the breech again with a flaming sphere spell.  Feclar’s summoned demon did battle with Whitefire’s summoned devils and Whitefire’s summoned apes climbed the wall, just as Lord Strydor and the bugbears killed the last of the Mantises. 


Sarissa broke throw and closely engaged Titus the Reborn and his 4 bugbear guards.  Rannos finally reached the inner gate, and tore it to pieces with his axe, as if it were paper.  He then did some damage to the darkness shrouded Feclar, who dimension doored to a nearby tower.  Whitefire finished Feclar with a  fireball spell.  Kronin had also gained through the gatehouse and attacked Lord Strydor, supported by Whitefire’s devils.  


And so we pause the action until next time.