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Session/Game: Marches 3e #26                                                Date: 9/23/01


Campaign Date: Quoct 23 — Povem 29  IY 469



Kronin, dwarf, fighter-10/ dwarven defender-2, LG  Dave Hanley

Sir Rannos, human fighter, CG, level 13, Bob LaForge

            Scagnetti, human, sorcerer, level 8, CG, cohort

Sarissa Lin, human, monk, level 9, LN, Charles Tillinghast

Gabriel Leadfoot, halfling rogue 6/ ranger-1, NG, Mike Miller

Sir Whitefire, human rogue-1/ wizard-11, CN Charles Fleurie

            Brother Frankie, cleric level 5, LN, cohort

Sir Ostler, human, cleric, LN, level 10, Joe Fryar

Galliard, human barbarian-2/bard-5, CG, Andrew Smith


Ragnar, human rogue-10, CG Shaun Sipple

Tharoil, elf, paladin-15, LG Dave Hanley

            Argent, Juvenile silver dragon, LG, cohort



Quoct 23rd


The battle of the Gorge Fort continued to rage.  Gabriel assaulted the tower housing Childrec of the Great Serpent, knocking out several mouse-eaters and being a general nuisance trying to open the trapdoor.  Ostler secured the front gate with the help of the Dwarven forces.  With the help of Whitefire’s dire apes, he was also able to defeat Chief Numbnuts in a straight up fight.  Spagnetti rode around on his invisible horse dropping fireballs on the Stank-Boyz orcs and whipping magic missiles in Childeric’s direction.  Kronin and Rannos both did their best to confront Strydor in deadly hand-to-hand combat.  However, both times Strydor was able to escape the clutches of each fighter, and later a grappling attack by one of Whitefire’s dire apes.  Rannos did manage to lay Feclar low, however.  Rannos then mowed through many of the orcs and bugbears wounded by the other heroes’ magical attacks.  Galliard made an attack on the ogres, but was killed by a squad of mouse eaters.  Brother Frankie did his best to steer clear of the general mayhem, but Sir Whitefire flew above the battle raining apes and flaming death on his enemies.  At one point, Whitefire had a fireball spell turned back on him by Strydor. 


The battle came to a turning point when Childeric and Strydor tried to collect the remaining arms of Morpheous and escape.  Strydor appeared near Feclar’s body and collected the Buldgeon of Hellfire and escaped.  When Childeric tried to collect the Trident of Morpheous however, he was not so lucky.  Whitefire was able to finish him off with a well-placed magic missile. 


The dwarf and gnome warriors made a contribution to the general slaughter of all the goblinoids at the cost of only a handfull of lives – later raised using the Trident of Morpheous.  Galliard was also revived, and he returned soon after in the body of an elf. 


The scene was joyous, but with a somber mood.  Kronin was forced to say farewell to the group.  His plan was to return to the Dwarven Kingdom to arranged some of his affairs, and then return to the Northland to continue the work of Kurdich the Defender. 


 Quoct 24th - Povem 14th


The adventurers return to Storm Eagle County by way of Weston. 


Povem 15th- Povem 23rd


During the last 30 days or so, Mr. Fabulous and his “Fabulous Posse” now including a gaggle of Gnomes, Beavis McNasty the Gnomish barbarian, and even Mrs. Nasty, disguise themselves as the masters sequentially of Blacksword, Ragnar’s Shop, and West Tower in order to carry on a month-long party at the owner’s expenses.  All those of Angus Manor were invited.  It was interesting for the other characters to come home to find that to their followers they “had just recently left”.  Rannos tries to buy boots of striding and springing in Weston but is sickened by the cost and the horrible accent of the shopkeeper named Averil at the Mage’s Bazaar.  However, Gabriel does find several items of interest and takes the opportunity to do some commission work at the Bazaar.  Whitefire shows the Trident of Morpheous and the Helm of Darkness to Perseus Orrak, the master of the Mage’s Bazaar.  Unfortunately, Perseus cannot help Whitefire with the dark artifacts.  Whitefire toys with the idea of teleporting to the Seer’s Tower in order to ask his guidence, but then thinks twice about doing so.  Rannos entertains a marriage proposal from Countess Flavia.  Ostler completes the Monastery of the Most Puissant Light and takes posession of a pegasus from the elves of the Old Wood.  Sarissa learns the tale of the Sixth Saint.  A “scruffy man” was looking for Whitefire, but retired quietly when told that the master was not available.  Ragnar returns to his shop for the winter. 


Povem 24th


Sir Tharoil, Champion of the Elven Prince arrives on a silver dragon and requests an audience with the party. 


Povem 25th – Povem 27th 


The party reunites at Blacksword.   Tharoil tells the party that they were seen kidnapping the Lady Adia Clearbreeze from her home in the Elfwind Barony.  The Lady Adia was being courted by the Elven Prince’s heir, and so it is very important that the heir to all the Elven lands in the Empire have his potential mate.  Thariol explains that the burden of blame would be removed from the adventurers if they help with the search effort.


Povem 28th – Povem 29th


The party travels to Clearbreeze manor.  There, an elderly elven watchman named Ghent explains that the adventurers held some of Adia’s student at knifepoint and forced her to leave with them.  Adia made a point of saying “Find Honeysuckle” to Ghent before she leaves.  The elderly watchman did not catch the meaning of this, but the information leads the heroes to a patch of honeysuckle to the North of the manorhouse.  There a Dryad who lives within the honeysuckle bush tells the heroes that her mistress was taken to a newly-excavated hole to the South of the Serpent Tower.  The party then rode off for the area of the Serpent Tower as fresh snow started to fall.