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Session/Game: Marches 3e #28                          Date: 10/18/2001


Campaign Date: Povem 29 — Odec 4  IY 469




Gabriel Lightfoot, halfling rogue 7/ranger 1, CG, Mike Miller

Trevor Stone, human rogue 5/ cleric 2, NG, Justin Fernandez



Povem 29th

Gabriel and the heroes emerge from the Serpent Lair the same night they went in, and experience some confusion because of the irregular way time ran inside the lair.  Several hours had passed and only seemed like moments outside.  Tharoil takes Lady Adia home to Elfwind with him.  The heroes rest the night in the chapel perilous.  The soft snowfall lasts throughout the night leaving about an inch and a half on the ground. 


Povem 30th

The heroes travel back to Blacksword.  There is a discussion with Sven the guard about the scruffy fellow who had come to visit Whitefire, but was spooked off when a monk of the order of St. Mirabel appeared with a message for Sir Ostler and Sister Sarissa from Archbishop Daas.  The message turns out to be a subpoena for Baron Richard Goldhaft.  Whitefire shares a passage he has recently read that points to the quiet man in fact being a ghostwalker of Bor.  A halfling youth named Pip arrives and leads Gabriel off to the North.  He warns Gabriel that Brinn, Gabriel’s comely halfling leatherworker in Stormburg, has asked to see him immediately regarding the quiet man he had mentioned a month ago.  Gabriel has a run in with some rodent Gnolls, but they do not prove to be too much of a challenge for the rogue.  The youth takes Gabriel as far as Old Fort before they need to rest and eat a hearty meal.


Odec 1th

Gabriel reaches Stormburg that evening.  Pip knocks on the door, and Brinn allows them to enter.   The scruffy man who kept trying to visit Whitefire stands Hunched over in the corner of the low-ceilinged halfling cabin.  He looks Gabriel in the eye, grabs the halfling’s wrist and jabs a dagger into Gabriel’s forearm.  Gabriel lets out a shriek of pain.  The scruffy man apologises saying that since Gabriel bleeds that he is not an outsider like the ones who have been tracking him.  He introduces himself as Trevor Stone.  He explains that the church of Bor is going insane.  There are elements of the faith who are trying to overthrow secular rule of the seven princes and place a new Prelate on the Emperor’s throne as supreme ruler of the Empire.  He says that the plan goes as high as the Archbishop of Weston, Archbishop Daas.  Apparently, Trevor knows all of this because it is his brother Amien Stone who is the muscle behind Daas’ plan.  Amien died violently in Bor’s service, and was raised by Daas.  The raising put Amien on the track of being a ghostwalker.  An avenging, lawful fighter who can pass from shadow to shadow instantaneously.  Trevor fears what his older brother had become.  Because Trevor’s other brother Issac had written so elequently about Whitefire and his companions, Trevor thought that perhaps he could get their help in stopping the abomination that Amien had become.  Gabriel realises that having the ghostwalker’s name gives him an edge on the quiet man, but is far from making the cursed warrior helpless.  Just then, dark angels crashed the halfling cottage.  Unable to enter because of the low clearance, they instead reached in through windows and holes they had created with their glaives and halberds.  Gabriel and Trevor escape up the chimney.  Pip and Brinn run for their lives, but are ignored for the most part by the dark angels.  On the roof, Gabriel explodes a smoke bomb in an attempt to cover their escape from the angels.  Gabriel and Trevor then run right into the quiet man.  Screaming the name “Amien”, Gabriel cuts the quiet man to the quick.  He tugs off his helmet, letting it drop.  His face mimics those of Trevor’s, only older and scarred.  “It is good to see you again, brother” Amien whispers.   Before Amien can attack, a fireball explodes around them.   Some unseen giggling reveals that the magic is the work of Zeitgeist the faerie dragon.  Gabriel and Trevor escape toward the Old Wood.  The two companions keep running all night, finally taking some time to rest the next morning in the safety of the trees. 



Odec 2nd

The two companions awake and travel South in the safety of the Old Wood.  They encounter a druid shrine, and the gravesite of Haagar the Druid.  Haagar was the Baronness of the wood before she was killed in a raid by the heroes of Blacksword.  Later, the companions run into more Gnolls.  These have more numbers as well as some druidic backup Gnolls.  Just as a huge giant Gnoll arrives and things look hopeless, the dark angels show up unexpectedly.  The Gnolls, fearing an attack by agents of Bor turn to fight the angels.  In the commotion Gabriel and Trevor are able to flee, but not before a Gnoll druid manages to infect Trevor with devil chills.  Gabriel identifies a coin as the reason why the angels were able to track the companions.  The coin was a special gift given to Trevor by Amien before he was even accepted into the priesthood of Bor.  They dispose of the coin.  The two companions make it to the old green dragon cave deep in the Old Wood, and rest there for the night.


Odec 3rd

Trevor and Gabriel continue to rest up in order to gather their strength.  However, Trevor’s condition does not improve much because of his sickness.  The companions decide to spend the night there.


Odec 4th

At morning light, the quiet man finally catches up with the heroes in the dragon’s lair.  As the sun comes up, Amien enters the cave and removes his helmet.  Tears stream from his face.  “It is time to end this, brother” he calls up the stairs.  Trevor insists that Gabriel escape with his own life in order to stop the madman that Amien has become.  Gabriel squeezes through the hole in the upper room of the dragon’s lair to freedom just as the quiet man confronts Trevor.  Gabriel hears Trevor start to scream his brother’s name, but then get caught short.  Gabriel runs as fast as he can, keeping to cover for the entire trip toward Blacksword.