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Session/Game: Marches 3e  #3                                                    Date: 9/24/00


Campaign Date: Sau 23—Rep 4th  Imp Year 468



Rannos, human fighter level 3, CG, Bob “Mr. Target” LaForge

Malakai, human, cleric, level 3, LN, Jonathan “can I do this?” Clark

Kronin, dwarf, fighter, level 2, LN, Dave” Low Initiative” Hanley

Grog, half orc, barbarian, level 2, CG, Andy “3+4=9” Leuders

Ragnar, human, rogue, level 1, CN, Shaun “Momma’s Boy” Sipple

Whitefire, human, rogue-1/wizard-1, CN, Chuck “Partially Whipped” Fleurie

Ashmar, human, rogue, level 1, CG, Andy Leuders


And, in Absentia

Bayne, elf ranger level 3, CG, Matt “Too Whipped to Show Up” Digulielmo,



Sau 23rd

            Rannos, Malakai, Kronin, Grog and Bayne, took their horses and wagon from the Old Wood across country to Ludwig. 


Sau 24th

            In Ludwig,  Malakai suggests that they travel to Baltburg, buy some better equipment and  recruit some more people.  Bayne vehemently disagrees, claiming that he can take the Road Agents all by himself, without all the clanging and blundering the rest of the party makes.  So Bayne travels off into the wilderness while Rannos, Malakai, Grog and Kronin take the main road down toward Baltburg.  They stray from the road to track down and kill an Owlbear, which tears up Rannos and critically wounds him.  Malakai heals Rannos and they camp for the night.   A group of three ghouls rush the camp at night and paralyze Rannos and Kronin, but Malakai and Grog destroy them all.


Sau 25th

            The four adventurers arrive in Baltburg.  They enter Harry McCheese’s pawnshop and sell off some captured equipment, but soon hear an altercation next door.  In the Guild of Sell-Swords, its master, Tobar, an old half-elf warrior, is in the process of ejecting a young rogue named Ragnar.  He yells at Ragnar in the street that he won’t risk his reputation by arranging jobs for common sneaks.  When Malakai tries to intervene, Tobar tells him he “don’t want no Holy Joes mucking around in his business”.  Malakai “finds his lack of faith disturbing” can casts a “Command Spell” ordering Tobar to masturbate.  Tobar begins to do so to the howls of the mercenaries sitting on his front porch.  Malakai offers Ragnar a job and he accepts.


Sau 26-27th

            The party spends two days in Baltburg buying supplies.  Rannos and Malakai meet their old companion Whitefire who also agrees to join them on their expedition against the Road Agents.


Sau 28-29th

            The six adventurers travel back to Ludwig, avoiding some prowling wolves.  They arrive just in time for Granny Holdbean’s stew night.


Sau 30th

            The posse heads for the Road Agent fort.  They find an old farmhouse near the fort and have Ragnar scout it.  After a quick check he summons the rest of the party who make a thorough search, disturbing some monstrous spiders.  One bites Rannos and the poison makes him a bit weak-limbed and woozy, but he soldiers on.  They soon kill all three spiders.  They then class the open plain in front of the fort, attracting the attention of the bandits.  Gumbak, the Ogre-barbarian led out 8 goblins, 4 rangers and 3 rogues to intercept them.  A savage battle ensued.   Grog and the Ogre came to grips and the Ogre pounded Grog into a fine powder.  The rest of the party killed the Ogre and the other bandits, only one of the rangers escaped.  The aggrieved party cut off one of Grog’s ears (there’s a bounty on humanoids after all) and buried the rest of him.


Rep 1-2

            They return to Ludwig, rest for a while until the spider poison works its way out of Rannos.  In Ludwig they recruit another “scout” named Ashmar.  They had captured a number of prisoners in the battle with the bandits, and manage to find out a great deal of information about the strength of the bandits from them.


Rep 3

            Once again they set out for the bandit fort.  On the way they stop at a ruined village.  .Whitefire, Ashmar and Ragnar are sent to scout out the major buildings, and Ashmar stupidly walks into a building he knew had no floor and is injured falling into the basement.  The three rogues then surprise and kill 8 goblins sleeping in the abandoned church.  In an old cottage, Ragnar is chewed upon by some dire rats, but is rescued by the party.  Rannos uncovers some giant centipedes in a smithy, but these are soon killed.    Ashmar, Whitefire, and Ragnar then try to sneak into an apparently intact cabin with an open front door from which snores can be heard.  The cabin proves to be an illusion and the three rogues fall down a 20 foot shaft.  Ashmar and Ragnar are knocked cold by the fall, but all three are soon pulled up.

            After some healing spells from Malakai, the party presses on and attacks the goblin village at the base of the fort’s hill.  They quickly kill the 12 goblins and the goblin priest and then withdraw to the ruined village to rest and regain spells for the night.


Rep 4

            Soon after dawn the six adventurers make a direct assault on the front door of the fort.  They catch the door open and kill an archer standing guard there.   They rushed right in, taking some light fire damage from a murder hole, but push into the inner hall before the doors are closed.  They kill several archers and rogues inside and then ascend to the upper floor, killing two more rogues and the 4 thugs who were the bandit leader’s bodyguard.   Tlag, the half-orc rogue/sorcerer joins the fight, inflicting a major wound on Malakai.  Whitefire, however, enchants her with a Charm person spell and the fight is over.  They use the enchanted leader to find the treasure and to trick the goblin chief and his bodyguards into a battle on favorable terms.  Several of the goblins are slept by Whitefire, and the rest killed or captured.  Ashmar shoots the goblins’ dogs to death from a distance without risk. 

            The fort now secure, the party finds Bayne in a prison cell in the basement, but doesn’t free him.  They tie up Tlag and gather their other prisoners, but find that the bandits were holding Ernak, the personal messenger of the Count of Storm-Eagle.  Ernak reveals that the count’s steward, Morvik, is a traitor and plans to poison the count on Rep the 8th, if he is not warned in time.  The party also discovers two letters in the fort (text below) and fail to prevent the escape of several of the bandits from the outer blockhouse.


Letter  #1


Mistress Tlag,

            The plan proceeds apace.  The subject will taste of the bitter fruit at the Oponto festival, as I have sworn.  Tell the Master that the halfling is prepared as he suggested.  

                                    Feast in Darkness!




Letter #2




            Is the plan prepared?  There has been some trouble.  The kobold god is dead and his forces scattered, but they were a diversion anyway.   He did not however discover the crystal key, which troubles me, and my agents could not find it either afterwards.  Another means must be found.

       Otherwise things are looking well.  That fool Sir Malcolm sits and does nothing.   The Borderers are busy, as we discussed.  The strike is prepared. Have the wood elves answered?  Give my regards to my brother and keep him out of trouble.


                                                Feast in Darkness and Prepare for Victory!