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Session/Game: Marches 3e Session #32

GM: Mike Miller

Date: 03/24/2002

Campaign Date: Tul 13 IY 480

K'Leif , elf ranger-13 CG, Charles Tillinghast
   Tozi, elf monk-3, druid-7 CG, cohort
Sir Ostler, human cleric-13 LN, Joe Fryar
   Mathis LeBlaque, human paladin-10 LG, cohort
Angus McNasty, gnome illusionist-13 CN, Dave Nelson
   Beavis McNasty, gnome barbarian-10 CN, cohort
Rannos, human fighter-13 CG, Bob LaForge
   Scagnetti human sorcerer-10 CG, cohort
Whitefire, human wizard-12, rogue-1 CN, Chuck Fleurie
   Sir Magnus, human, fighter-10, CN, cohort


(Excerpt from the pages of "McNasty Digest" volume 12)
Having had just about enough of their pokey little tag-along "Rival" (treachery, treachery). Angus ordered Beavis to hack him down, but was stopped by foul sorcery of some kind. This caused some kind of crazy escalation where K'lief and Tozi acted more and more unreasonable and without warning enspelled Angus, and when the spell wore off tied him up without provocation. Beavis then courageously captured Tozi and offered to swap her for Angus. K'lief was too thick to comprehend the proceedings, but was eventually convinced to agree. Angus and K'lief agreed to a truce, figuring that "Rival" was actually to blame, and he would one day feel their combined wrath.

The party heard the sounds of some huge scuttling creature in the room ahead, Whitefire summoned a fiendish dire ape to go in an scout, but it was ripped in half. Angus summoned some shadow celestial eagles to do more scouting, but they also had little luck. An illusionary giant earthworm had no effect for some reason (treachery, treachery). Sir Ostler "Air Walked" into the room 50 feet in the air, surrounded by an invisibility purge and discovered there was a Colossal Scorpion in the room. The scorpion hurt Ostler and K'lief badly before it was wasted by a couple of disintergrate spells from Whitefire and Angus.

On the far side of the room they found another, smaller room and were lectured ad nauseum by a projected image of the gnome Iscariot from the future or past or something like that. We had to enter the "Citadel of Eternity" find and kill Datheist to save the universe from destruction (a destruction that Angus's son Hamish would somehow survive and thrive anyway). But it was clear that defeating Datheist wouldn't stop the "Evil One" from being released anyway so why not just go stop the evil one and skip Datheist, I don't know. The room they were in was extra-temporal but once we moved on we couldn't come back. So we spend quite a bit of time there making magic items because when we went forward we couldn't re-memorize any spells in the "Citadel of Eternity". Zeppo McNasty was sent back to McNasty Grande (no place for a tobacconist).

There were two doors forward, one wood labeled "Sea", one metal labeled "Citadel". The metal one wouldn't open. The rest of the party flapped around like idiots until Angus told them you had to put water from the sea onto the metal door to open it.

We traveled on down a mysterious set of stairs and found three rooms. One had an illusion in it. Another had scum-sucking treacherous vampires in it who ended up costing Angus some Constitution points (treachery, treachery, treachery, last time I try to help someone). The last door had an evil tree in it that droped "prismatic spray leaves" on anything that moved. Angus did a lot of effective scouting with some summoned Shadow Lemure devils and found there was a staircase in the tree itself, leading down toward the bowels of the citadel where we wanted to go. Scagnetti used a web spell to freeze up most of the leaves, except for a 5' ring around the trunk itself. We all risked the last 5' with shields over our heads. This got Tozi killed, but everyone else came through okay. (Hah, hah, throw a spell on me will she). I didn't notice if Rival the treacherous dung monkey followed us along but he probably did.

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