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Session/Game: Marches 3e Session #33

GM: Mike Miller

Date: 04/07/2002

Campaign Date: Tul 14 IY 480

K'Leif , elf ranger-13 CG, Charles Tillinghast
   Tozi, elf monk-3, druid-7 CG, cohort
Sir Ostler, human cleric-13 LN, Joe Fryar
   Mathis LeBlaque, human paladin-10 LG, cohort
Angus McNasty, gnome illusionist-13 CN, Dave Nelson
   Beavis McNasty, gnome barbarian-10 CN, cohort
Rannos, human fighter-13 CG, Bob LaForge
   Scagnetti human sorcerer-10 CG, cohort
Whitefire, human wizard-12, rogue-1 CN, Chuck Fleurie
   Sir Magnus, human, fighter-10, CN, cohort
Iscatiot, gnomish wizard-8 loremaster-5, CG, Andrew Smith

Log: After an unknowable period of time in a room where time does not exist, the heroes continued into the Citadel of Eternity. They opened the first door and encountered a statue of an archer bearing the inscription "Point to open". After a bit of fiddling with the statue, Beavis finally pointed to a door with his finger...which promptly opened.

The first room the characters entered held a stone carving of a lion's head on the wall. When the heroes entered the room, a door slammed down behind them and sand began to pour out of the lion's mouth, filling the room. On the back of the door was an inscription in an bizarre tongue that the heroes finally translated with some quick thinking of K'Leif. (Angus' note: I must cry foul you nitwit sage! 'Twas I who figured out the word was Hellfire! I am outraged!)

After exiting the first room, the second room held a scroll dangling in space from the ceiling by a light cable. Again, as soon as the heroes touched the scroll a door slammed down behind the heroes. The scroll contained a puzzle. The heroes answered incorrectly, and were transported into a third room filled with water that contained a gigantic fighting fish. The heroes killed the fish, and returned to the scroll room to answer the question correctly. After the right answer was spoken (Angus' note: "The puzzle was figured out" indeed! I solved the house puzzle! Again I am wronged!) , the water in the third room drained away revealing some stairs down into the citadel.

The stairs led to a narrow passageway lined with doors. All the doors seemed to lead to rooms associated with living quarters. There were barracks, a pantry, a kitchen, and a broom closet. The farthest door held two half-orcs apparently discussing what to do with the heroes. However, they were actually illusions or ghosts and did not respond to the characters' questions or gestures. The barracks featured a symbol of a bandaged fist, but not for long. Angus produced his wand of burning hands and put the entire contents of the room to the torch. The heroes continued down the narrow passage.

The group entered a large square room lined with stone caskets. Obsuring mist rolled up from the floor of the place. After the heroes began to investigate, some undead humanoids in the caskets came to life and attacked. The attack was turned quickly by the power of Ostler's devine power, but there was another among the living in this room. A man in a black cloak sitting on a throne in the far corner of the room began attacking the party with spells. A hard-fought battle ensued, and Beavis was killed before the villian was put down. However, after a few more moments of searching of the room a clone of the dark-robed man appeared and continued the battle. Whitefire was disintegrated, and Magnus was interred deep within the ground beneath the Citadel of Eternity. (Angus' note: Let it be known that Whitefire the Demon Slayer and my trusty cousin Beavis were both restored to life by powerful magics, although Magnus remains doomed to be trapped below the citadel for all eternity.)

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