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Session/Game: Marches 3e Session #34

GM: Mike Miller

Date: 04/21/2002

Campaign Date: Tul 14 IY 480

K'Leif , elf ranger-13 CG, Charles Tillinghast
   Tozi, elf monk-3, druid-7 CG, cohort
Corian the Awakened, human cleric-16, LG Chuck Tillinghast
   Dax (formerly "The Shrew"), human rogue-4 wizard-8, NG cohort
Sir Ostler, human cleric-13 LN, Joe Fryar
   Mathis LeBlaque, human paladin-10 LG, cohort
Angus McNasty, gnome illusionist-13 CN, Dave Nelson
   Beavis McNasty, gnome barbarian-10 CN, cohort
Rannos, human fighter-13 CG, Bob LaForge
   Scagnetti human sorcerer-10 CG, cohort
Iscatiot, gnomish wizard-8 loremaster-5, CG, Andrew Smith
Iscariot the "Laughing Gnome", gnome wizard-8 loremaster-6, CG Andrew Smith
Nebuchenezzar of the Unnamed One, human sorcerer-15, NE Andrew Smith
Yahron, human rogue-13 N, Dean Norman
Jack Mlegzabounce, human monk-14, LN Toby Miller
Titus the Songster, elf bard-14, N Justin Fernandez
Gabriel, halfling rogue-11/ranger-1/fighter-1, CG NPC
   Zeitgeist, faerie dragon sorcerer-10, CG NPC

Log: The heroes of the Northern Marches find a sarcophagus that opens into the top of a long spiraling staircase lined with doors. After Mr. Fabulous' lemures scouted it out, the party descended to find a group of unconscious adventurers. Among them was an older version of Iscariot. Once awakened, the two Iscariots did their best to explain that a group of seven had used the Artifacts of Ambitrax to open the seals to the Acropolis of Eternity and enter with the purpose of releasing Armageddon upon Caedes. The elder Iscariot described the seven as Dathiest (the tall elf with the arms of Morpheous), a man in black armor carrying an enchanted scimitar with a white flame symbol, a robed form of some sort with the same voice as the bat-winged fiend at the light keep, two demonic drastin crossbreeds, the group's former commander Falcor, and Valshoon the vampiric clerical head of the Church of the Unnamed One. The party passes gingerly through the portal.

They find themselves on a tiny plane floating in a black ether of nothingness. There are several beautiful and luminous buildings here, including an impressive eastern-style tower at the far end of the plane. The many heroes break into two groups and begin searching the buildings of the Acropolis. They find an armory, stables with griffons in them, kitchens, storerooms, and several empty dormitories. As the group approaches the tower, they are attacked.

The two demonic-drastin crossbreeds, Dathiest, and the man in black armor with the white flame insignia on it strike. The battle is more or less even, with Rannos felling the man in black armor. Angus started to get tricky and conjured a giant who grappled one of the drastin-beasts and hurled them both off the side of the plane to fall indefinitely into the ether. Dathiest began to use the complete arsenel of the Arms of Morpheus and Falcor joined the battle. Iscariot the younger was killed by a sneak attack by the vampire lord and Tozi was felled by a blow from Dathiest. Nebuchenezzar finally took out his long-standing grudge against Corian for turning away from the might of the Unnamed One and joined the villians himself. Several spells in concert from the heroes laid him low. The final drastin-beast was swallowed whole by a dinosaur conjured by Angus, and thrown from the plane into the darkness.

Valshoon, and another cowled individual entered the fray. The cowled fellow looked disturbed at the man in black armor's death. The final villian stayed within the tower and was flaying Gabriel the halfling alive in preperation for some disturbing ritual. Valshoon and the cowled man fought as best they could but fell quickly. The black cowled wizard died first, freeing Dathiest from a powerful charm spell that allowed the tall elf to sacrifice himself to kill Valshoon by pulling him off the plane into the black ether. However, the before the wizard fell he blasted Gabriel with a lightning bolt, slaying the innocent halfling. As blood ran over the rock to which Gabriel was chained to, it started to crack and splinter. A swirling black masss of chaos started to bubble forth from it consuming rock that imprisoned it. Yahron led a charge into the tower to face the master who had been flaying Gabriel. The heroes were finally victorious, finishing the man off. They removed the man's cowl to reveal the Prelate of Bor was behind all the foul work. The other cowled man turned out to be an alternate Whitefire -- the man destined to start the Apocalypse. At Iscariot's urging, the heroes form a circle around the swirling chaotic blackness. In grief over his sister's death K'Leif gives his eternal soul to lock the evil blackness and stop the Apocalypse.

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