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Session/Game: Marches 3e #5     (Chat Room)              Date: 10/13/00


Campaign Date: Rep 20th, Imperial year 468



Ragnar, human, rogue-3, CN, Dave Hanley (for Shaun Sipple)

Whitefire, human, rogue-1 / wizard-2, CN, Charles Fleurie



            A week after the successful close of the campaign against the Road Agents, Ragnar and Whitefire decided to explore the caves beneath Sir Malakai’s new fort.  They new that there were some stirges and a nest of giant ants down there who ought to be cleaned out to help secure the fort. 

            The pair entered the Church basement and opened the trapdoor to the caves.  Before Raganr climbed down, Whitefire warned him that he had spotted torch fire in the cave below.  The two then returned to the fort and then climbed down the hill in order to enter the caves form the front cave entrance.  They discovered that the barricade that had partially blocked the entrance had been chopped through.  They cautiously entered the caves.

            At the first large cave they surprised 3 heavily armed hobgoblins and after a stiff fight slew them.  Proceeding onwards they were rushed by two more of the hobgoblins.  Whitefire immobilized one with a tanglefoot bag and he and Ragnar killed them both.

            In the next cave they discovered three Dire Bats who swooped down on them aggressively.  The two adventures were severely wounded, until at last Whitefire put two to sleep with a spell.  He pumped two magic missiles into the third, and Ragnar injured it several times with arrows, but it just wouldn’t die.  Finally, Whitefire retrieved a sleep scroll and put the last bat to sleep.  They paused long enough to cut the heads off the three large (pony-sized) bats and stagger back out of the cave entrance.

            Both men were very badly hurt, but they decided to check the Church basement one more time.  Unfortunately, the last two hobgoblins whose torchlight they had spotted earlier had already climbed up the ladder to the basement, since the adventurers had neglected to close or lock the trapdoor.  The hobgoblins rushed to the attack and wounded Whitefire, disabling him.  He, however, handed his tow remaining tanglefoot bags to Ragnar and then staggered up into the church.  Using the tanglefoot bags to good effect, Ragnar killed the two hobgoblins, although he was also in pretty bad shape.  They closed and locked the trapdoor and stumbled off to bed. 

Tasher, Rannos and Kronin were later able to confirm that the 7 hobgoblins were the same elite fighters whom they had encountered in the wilderness on the 8th of Rep. The pair of adventurers still had not cleared out the stirges or giant ants, but each one advanced 1 level.