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Session/Game:        Marches 3e #7                                  Date: 11/5/00


Campaign Date: Povem 9th—30th  Imperial Year 468



Whitefire, human, rogue-1/ wizard-3, CN, Chuck Fleurie

Ragnar, human rogue-5, CG, Shaun Sipple

Bayne, elf ranger-3, CG, Matt Diguglielmo

Kronin, dwarf, fighter-5, LN, Dave Hanley

Ostler, human cleric-2, LN, Joe Fryer

Garl, half-orc, barbarian-2, CN, Chuck Tillinghast



Povem  9th

            After the treasure was divided, Ydarik, Agrippa, the halflings, and Manfred and Movar departed, heading back to Baltburg.  Whitefire had arrived in Ludwig in time for stew night and met up with Rannos, Ragnar and Kronin.  The four friends decided to take Bayne to the elf bishop in the barony of Elf-wind to be raised from the dead, and to take the keelboat from Baltburg to Marchburg as the safest route.  Rannos took the wagon back Fort Blacksword, since he was chosen to stay behind and guard the fort.


Povem the 10th

            Whitefire, Ragnar, and Kronin ride to Baltburg with Bayne’s body.  They sell some of Bayne’s equipment, buy the 500 gp diamond needed for a raise dead spell, and hire a hulking half orc named Garl through Tobar’s service.  Kronin met an esquire of the order of St. Hugo, named Ostler, who was interested in their quest to deal with fiends and undead in the Wasteland, and he joined their band too.  Garl convinced them that taking the overland route to Elf-Wind was better than the keel boats, so they changed their plans.


Povem the 11th

            Whitefire, Ragnar, Kronin, Garl and Ostler ride back to Ludwig.


Povem 12th  - 13th

            The party sets out from Ludwig, riding across the waste. 


Povem the 14th

            Party enters the Dead Forest and  camp near its far edge that night.  During the night a small party of kobolds launched a volley of crossbow bolts at Garl, wounding him.  The party was awakened and slowly advanced into the darkness.   They were met by a charge of spear wielding kobold warriors who inflicted some wounds, but some of whom were killed by Garl and Kronin.  Ragnar took some damage from crossbows, and Whitefire entrapped one kobold in a web spell.

            As the party was distracted by the warriors and crossbowmen, a group of kobold thieves sneaked in from the opposite side and led off the party’s horses.  When the distracting force had run off, the party realized the theft and sent off “Petey”, Whitefire’s owl familiar, to find the horses.  They also question and then kill their webbed-up prisoner, who indicated that the kobolds had multiple meeting points in the forest.  The party then gives chase only to be slowed down by multiple snares and pits, losing the thieves in the dark and unfamiliar terrain.


Povem the 15th

            The party walks out of the Dead Forest, carrying Bayne’s stinky corpse.

Ostler negotiates with the Elf guards at the border of the Elf-Wind barony, who provide the party with horses and guides to get to the bishop’s hold.


Povem the 16th

            Arriving at the bishop’s holding, the party presents Bayne, the diamond and the fee to the bishop.  The elf-bishop Oloro however took the auguries and found that Bor was hesitant about allowing Bayne to be raised.  The bishop went forward, but laid a Quest upon Bayne to apologize publicly to Agrippa and to submit to the Bishop of Baltburg for public penance. 


Povem the 17th

            Bayne rests, and the party buys new riding horses for the return trip.


Povem 18th-22nd

            The party rides back to Baltburg without incident.


Povem 23rd    

            Bayne issues a public apology to Agrippa in the cathedral at Baltburg.  He then gains an audience with the bishop and confesses his sin.  The bishop consults the Book of St. Guthlac and determines that the correct penance is the “Walk of True Faith”, whereby Bayne must walk around the public square, barefoot, carrying two rocks, wearing a white robe, and chanting “The Law of Bor is All” from sunrise to sunset the next day.  Bishop Lucius enjoins Bayne to fast and pray through the night for forgiveness.    Bayne returns to his lodgings and feasts and drinks the night away.


Povem the 24th

            Bayne spends the day making the “Walk of True Faith” while his friends look on, chanting along with him.  Whitefire hired the locally-renowned bard Horatio Falkenstein to watch the event and make comment.   Agrippa stopped by to give his good wishes to Bayne too.  Contrary to expectations, the weather got very cold and rainy in the area, intermittently, seemingly most severe in the square itself.



Povem the 25th

            Bayne rests from his penance.  The rest of the party gathers supplies and repairs equipment in preparation for a return trip to the Serpent Tower.  


Povem the 26th

            Whitefire, Bayne, Ostler, Ragnar, Garl and Kronin ride to Ludwig.


Povem the 27th

            The six adventurers ride across the Waste to the ruins where the serpent tower lies.  Realizing that the Grudgore the Ogre-Fiend would return and await them if the delved the dungeon, they decided to fight him and his band as soon as possible.  When they entered the tower, using the blue crystal key, they had not long to wait until Grudgore returned with 23 orcs.  At first they attempted to rain arrows down on the orcs from the safety of the tower, but the orcs just withdrew.

            Ragnar and Whitefire remained at the top of the tower, and Bayne, Garl, Ostler and Kronin ran down to the door and opened it.  Whitefire did some significant damage to Grudgore using Magic missiles, while Bayne and Garl cut up most of the orcs.  Grudgore wounded Garl badly, and then tried to burst into the tower to get at Whitefire.  He however had miscalculated badly and took several major wounds from Bayne and Garl in the attempt.  Ostler tried to defend himself with a protection from evil spell, which opened him up to an opportunity attack from Grudgore who killed him stone dead.  Grudgore then cast magical darkness around himself and flew away, taking some more damage on the way.

            Bayne vowed that Grudgore would not escape a second time, and the party, using Petey again, tracked him back to his camp.  Soon after dark, the five remaining adventurers sneaked over the low timber wall of the camp, cornered Grudgore in his house and killed him, the final blow being a magic missile from Whitefire.  The remaining orcs fled in the night.


Povem the 28th

            The party rides back to Ludwig.


Povem the 29th

            The party rides to Baltburg


Povem the 30th

            The bishop of Baltburg raises Ostler from the dead (crusader’s discount, only the 500 gp component fee).